North East New Place

All is going as planned. Have collected the keys to my new place last night!!! Now just make some little changes, decorating and refurbishing. The place is in East Boldon, very close to the Metro. Very good, discreet location and no nosy neighbours! There will be both domestic/school setting and restraining facilities and furniture for more BDSM type of play. Photos will be available as soon as it’s all finished.   So officially back offering session from next Monday, 27th January! Get in touch to book the a session if interested.   All the hassle took me away from a number of planned changes to my website. Hope to find time to finish it shortly, once the venue is ready!

North East Venue


Change of plans! I have decided to get my own place!

If everything goes well I will be collecting keys when I’m back from London on Monday, 20th January.  Give it a week for some redecorations and I’m planning to start offering sessions again from 27th January!

Location is pretty good and the place seems to have been made for me.

Easy access by public transport (5min walk from metro) and by car from A1 and A19.


Please note, I won’t take any firm bookings for sessions until I have the keys in my hand, but you are welcome email me now to express interest.


More details, location and pics shortly.

Good news!


Looks like I will be offering sessions in Newcastle again shortly!

I found a really good place for session in the Newcastle area – very well maintained, clean, variety of suitable furniture and easy access both on public transport and by car.

I should be back properly once I’m back from London (after 20th January).

More details to follow shortly!


North East NEWS

Hi Guys,


Some bad news to all the CP and fetish craving guys who were thinking of coming for a session in Newcastle during the next few weeks.

Unfortunately, just before the Christmas, due to unexpected circumstances, I have lost the use of the place I used to hire for sessions in Newcastle.

With the festive period now over I have started looking for a new place from which I can session. Until then, unfortunately, I’m unable to offer sessions in Newcastle area. Hopefully, I should have the situation rectified within few weeks at the latest.

I’m sorry I wont be able to see you until this is sorted.


In the meantime – you can either keep an eye on my website (which will be updated with the necessary details as soon as I find a place for hire) or send me an email and I will drop you a line once I’m ready to session again.


If you know of a place that might be suitable for hire feel free to drop me a line. Worst come worst I will be setting my own place – that might take more time, but one way or another I will be back on the map as soon as possible!


!!! My London trips remain  UNINTERRUPTED for the time being !!!

I will be down South 13th – 18th January (possibly staying over until 19th) as usual catering for a wide variety of sessions and roleplays from a venue fully devoted to CP and BDSM pains and pleasures.


I’m now taking bookings so look forward from hearing from you.




Christmas time! Christmas treat!

Usually Christmas is a quiet time for me as other expenses and obligations keep you guys occupied. However there are exceptions! Last year I was asked if I’m offering session near or during Christmas and unfortunately I was not.


This year, as I’m not going away I will be available as follows:

24th – available until 4pm

25th – NOT available

26th – 27th – available


Please note if interested in a session on the 26th – there is absolutely no guarantee that you will hear back from me on the 25th! I will try, but it being a festive day I will not be glued to my phone whole day to check emails. As usual please give sensible notice.



MissKami now on Fetlife

As of today I have added a complete (text, photos, fetishes etc.)

profile on FetLife under MissKami username:


If you are on FetLife feel free to send me a friend request – I will not limit whom I accept to people I have met.  Anyone; dom, switch, sub, curious or active participant in bdsm/cp scene is welcome!

I don’t predict being a very active participant in different groups or conversations, but as I am planning to organise school days and similar events in North East it seemed like a good way to reach towards like-minded people.


North East scene differs so much to what I was used to in London. I’m still adapting to it.

I hope that through FetLife I can reach those who spent years lurking around and never took their first step to explore their interests.


Whether with me or with another Mistress, I wish you all happy exploration and many satisfactory experiences.  



Please note: I no longer use my old, private account on FetLife – any friends requests or messages there will be ignored.

Also, to arrange a session with me – email! Don’t go through FetLife!


PS. When I’m not busy fiddling with my website, FetLife accounts or occupied beating willing bottoms I’m working on few new implements. New straps and paddles coming soon!

Changes and refurbishment

Hi again,

Looks like summer is the time of changes.

Changes to my site. Refurbishment of the Newcastle venue – well underway. Refurbishment of the London venue – as far as I know finished for the moment.

The London’s School room has now been changed to be a more authentic setting.

Next time I’m down there, in early August, I will take more photos to replace the out-of-date ones in gallery.

For now, a quick previous with low-quality photos:

Blackboard and a school desk as before.

A new sofa chair.

And a black bench replaced with a barrel (restraints available if/when needed!)

A black bench (with mutliple restraint points) is still available in the dungeon and of course can be used for a wide variety of sessions and roleplay scenarios.

As usual, a wide variety of (clean!) implements available in both rooms!