You can read here a selection of the testimonials and thanks I received from people who enjoyed sessioning with me in the past.

These include new clients and newcomers to the scene as well as experienced regulars.


I have been visiting Miss Kami on a regular basis for a number of years.
It is so important to feel trust towards one’s domme, and have total confidence in her, which I do.
Miss Kami has inflicted a significant degree of punishment on me over the years, but is empathetic and always aware when I am approaching my limits. She feels like both my torturer and confessor.
Life can be very stressful at times: after a session with Miss Kami I feel mentally lighter, and much more relaxed.
I feel so grateful to her for having enhanced my life.

A client, 2022


I have been seeing Miss Kami for a number of years now and have never had a bad experience. Don’t be fooled by her smile once the session begins she is definitely in charge!

If you haven’t been to a professional Dom before Miss Kami is great and understands how you feel. But if you are experienced Miss Kami will punish and push you! To anyone thinking of paying Miss Kami a visit I would say be careful what you wish for because you will get it. After each session I always count down to our one and wish it could be sooner!

By Slave W, 2022


I have been seeing Miss Kami for over three years, once a month if I can. From the very first session Miss Kami made me feel comfortable safe and not judged.

I have had a variety of sessions with Miss Kami some playful and exploring some of my kinks but many more of the traditional corporal punishment style. I have enjoyed all of them and learnt from them also. I can think of no better place to be than over Miss Kami’s knee. Miss Kami is my Mistress of choice.

A client, 2022


I am one of Miss Kamis foreign clients. In my country (Norway) there are not many options if you want to book a session from a proffesional mistress.

It all began in Mai 2013. I felt ready for trying BDSM for real, and not only in my fantasy world.

I read Miss Kami`s website very carefully. Not only one time, but several times during the next weeks. She seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.

And WHAT A GOAL it was, as we say in the fotball terminology!

My first session was an introductory ,and after that session I have always looked forward to next time… Always a little nearvous but also very exited. As the years have gone by there have been 39 exiting sessions! During these sessions I have learned a lot about my self and BDSM generally.

I like almost everything in BDSM.
CBT,nipple torture,to be restraint,hot wax, faceslapping, Corporal Punishment, breathplay,  but also more sensual  BDSM play like foot worship.
Although corporal punishment is my favorite. Nothing is better than being whipped, paddled and caned by her. I am one of them who dislike to be caned on a cold bottom, so she always has to warm me up with other toys on beforehand. But when I am warmed up,  I love to receive a good hard caning.

Miss Kami is a very skilled, empatic, and a warm person. Her ability to read your feelings is “not from this world”

So if you are considering to book a session, I can highly recommend her. Nothing to be worried about at all.

Just do it!

R. 2020


I have been sessioning for over 25 years, the last 4 years plus exclusively with Miss Kami., and I can honestly say she is the best Mistress I have had the honour of sessioning with. Her hand spanking is prolonged and exquisitely seductive; drawing you into a false sense of security and then…WHAM! she brings other implements into play. With classical piano and her session voice providing a soundtrack, sessions are highly atmospheric, sending you into that special place in your mind.

If you have an itch that needs scratching, Miss Kami is the perfect lady to provide a cure…at least until next time!

Gareth, 2020


Professional, discreet, beautiful are the 3 words I would use to describe Miss Kami.
She has been my mistress for 5 years and we are into double figures for sessions. Each one starts with a relaxed chat about what we ll do. I leave Miss Kami s chambers always feeling elated and happy at the humiliating, justified and exquisite punishment I have received.

M 2020


I started visiting Miss Kami just over two years ago after I retired, and felt I’d like some extra spice in life. I had something of a fantasy about receiving corporal punishment from an attractive young lady, and saw the opportunity to put it into practice. So I sent Miss K a suggested scenario, which she approved with a few minor amendments.

I was not disappointed. Once we started the roleplay in the schoolroom, she proved to be an extremely believable formidable schoolmistress. It was such a totally new experience and had a strong effect on me, causing my head to be in a whirl for some time afterwards.

At the time I knew next to nothing about other BDSM/CBT activities which Miss Kami offered, but the more I enquired into them, the more fascinated I was to try them out as well. Miss Kami suggested booking the dungeon, as it had more options. At first the thought of being secured down and at her mercy was a little scary. But I soon found I had complete trust and confidence in her, and her obvious skill in all aspects of domination.

During the time I have been visiting Miss Kami, she has patiently helped me to explore and experiment with different fantasy ideas, and led me to discover what I most want from the sessions. As a result, each session is now even more exciting and indeed mind-blowing than the previous one, with the help of ever more surprises which Miss Kami pulls out of her abundant box of tricks.

I strongly believe that anyone thinking of taking a step into domination can do no better than booking a session with Miss Kami. Her fees re extremely reasonable, but in any event she is NOT just interested in taking your money. She goes to great lengths to listen, discuss  and understand what your fantasies are, and bring them to life. I can honestly say I bless the day I came across her website.

A 2020


I have visited Miss Kami twice now for relaxation spanking sessions and am very much looking forward to future sessions with her.
Not only does she know how to spank, paddle and cane extremely well, Miss Kami is also very good at reading you and knowing exactly how far to go, on more than one occasion I was thinking that I was getting near to my limits and she clearly sensed this and stopped right at the limit.
She is also very easy to speak to, listens well and there are no problems making clear what you want or need.
I have been spanked before by girlfriends and also a couple of “professionals” but none have done such a good job as Miss Kami, I am aware of how versatile she is from other reviews and I fully recommend her to anyone that needs their bottom warmed up by whatever method for whatever reason.

PH (Dec,  2017)


There have been several testimonials written about introductory sessions with Miss Kami, and yes, this is another one, but I am writing it because I really believe in what I am saying.For many years I had thoughts and fantasies about CP and CBT. I never acted on these except for a few not very successful experiments with escorts.

In my late 60s, I finally decided to take the plunge and visit a Professional Mistress. I perused several websites, but Miss Kami seemed to have an empathy that others lacked, and her website was far more complete than most. I sent her an e mail explaining my situation and setting a time and date for my first visit. Miss Kami responded quickly and we exchanged a few e mails before the actual day, she sensed my fears and anxieties and reassured me that I had nothing to be afraid of.

There were two main fears in my mind in the days leading up to the appointment. The first was that she would hurt me beyond my limits, but this I could dismiss logically. Miss Kami is passionate about what she does, and it is also her chosen profession. At the end of an introductory session, she wants a newcomer to leave thinking “That was amazing, really different, something I want to explore further!” not leave thinking “That was totally horrendous! Never again!” Please don’t think that by this I mean that Miss Kami deliberately goes easy on anyone just to bring them back though, she will give you exactly what you ask for.

The second fear was that if I could not take much pain would she look down on me, think of me with contempt? I raised this issue in our introductory chat and Miss Kami explained that she met people who could take large amounts of pain, and others who could take almost none, and no matter where you were on that scale there was no right or wrong about it, that was simply how you were, and that she adjusted her sessions to what someone wanted and could tolerate.

During our introductory chat, Miss Kami asked about my background and experiences, and invited me to ask any questions at all that I might have. I had explained a fantasy of mine in one of the e mails, and she asked me if I wanted to role play it, but I said not in the first session, I simply wanted to experience the physical reality of CP and CBT. She said that was fine, and instructed me to take all my clothes off and then to get onto the bench, where she restrained me. She then began a session of CP which started with a hand spanking, moved onto a slipper, then a small wooden paddle, several different straps, a large paddle, a flogger, and finally a few strokes of a cane, each implement a bit more intense than the last. Did it hurt? Well, yes, it certainly did, but that was mostly the point! Was it unbearable? No, Miss Kami is expert at taking you close to the edge but she does not go over it, she reads where you are from your reaction and works accordingly. It was at exactly the level I wanted.

Miss Kami then fastened me down on a massage type bench and performed some CBT on me, ball stretching, nipple clamps, pinwheel and pegs were used, as well as a light cane. It was another incredible experience, not as painful as the CP ( except, perhaps, for the nipple clamps ) but still very stimulating. And after the session, a charming smile and a big hug from her..

As I left, I felt that I had broken through a personal barrier. It had been one of the most amazing, and rewarding, experiences of my life. I wanted to write this testimonial because I now believe that anyone who feels an urge to explore these feelings but has never had the courage to should definitely do so. If you don’t, then you will always regret it, and if you are looking for a truly empathic Mistress to guide you into this new world, then you really couldn’t do better than Miss Kami in my opinion. I know that I will be back to see her, hopefully many times.

AS (2017)


I have just arranged another session with Miss Kami […]

It is nearly 4 years since I first visited Miss Kami. It was soon after she first started sessions in the North, which probably makes me one of her oldest regular Northern clients. Together we have been on quite a journey of discovery, and never once has she disappointed me.

I don’t visit for roleplay, therapy or punishment, but for fun….. Pleasurable, painful, sensual fun.

Over all this time I must have been caned, flogged, paddled, strapped and generally beaten by nearly every implement on her racks. We’ve also played with clamps, pegs and weights, wax and ice, cords and blindfolds, and rolls of the dice. […] She just allows me to relax and enjoy the sensations her skill and imagination can create.

Invariably in each session Miss Kami finds a new toy or technique for me to experience. […] My main passion though is the cane, particularly cold caning, and Miss Kami always takes pride in leaving me with a set of perfect stripes to enjoy as a reminder of my visit. […]

Nick (2016)


(Read the fully story of this “pleasurable, painful, sensual fun” – 1000 strokes of the cane)


I visited the Wonderful Miss Kami this morning for a CP session which was based around a roleplay which we had discussed prior to my visit.

I had requested an *intense* session which would fully explore my limits.

WOW ! What an experience! Everything that I asked for delivered with great skill and understanding of my needs.

I was genuinely scared, my limits firmly extended. My bottom and back will take some time to recover (I can admire my stripes for a while I think).

This Lady just gets better and better with a cruel streak when needed.

We have sessioned on a good number of occasions now and I have never been remotely disappointed.

I am already looking forward to my birthday treat, a Judicial Caning. I can think of no one better to deliver it.

Thank You Miss Kami, you are a Star !

P. (April 2016)


Miss Kami is perfect. She takes the time to properly understand your needs and further she will explore your fantasies to the full. Nothing is hurried. She is very firm but fair. She spanked my bottom (bare) to just the right level. I enjoyed every moment. She has wonderful premises and i would recommend a session with her. She is very skilled at scolding, and takes firm control of the scenario. She is full of suggestions and will happily chat over a cuppa about your needs and wants and then let the role play take shape. Every time work takes me to Newcastle I will be back. A 10/10 rating.

Chris (September 2015)


I met Miss Kami for the first time yesterday, and i am still in awe of her, and elated after a truly fantastic experience. (…)

I am in my early 40s, and have toyed with the idea of meeting a Mistress for a session for a few years now, something has been inside me beckoning me, and i have come close to booking a session a couple of times, but ended up bottling it. (…) I decided to buy a birthday present for myself, and thus contacted Miss Kami.

I was very anxious ahead of the session, but my fears faded quite quickly, firstly, Miss Kami operates from a discreet location in a nice area, and when i met Miss Kami, what can i say but wow. She is a very attractive lady, has a great figure and pretty face, Miss Kami is also very friendly and easy to talk to (when out of session), and this made me relax quiet quickly, (…).

When i left Miss Kami’s premises i was truly elated, i felt released, and so glad i had made the decision to try this, and try it with Miss Kami, if anyone out there is like i was, (toying with the idea of this), then stop wasting your time and do it, i can’t recommend her enough, i was buzzing afterwards.

I will be back as soon as i get a chance, but in the meantime, thank you for such an unforgettable experience.

Dave (Dec 2014)


(Read the fully story of this newcomer’s exploration on my blog post – A testimonial by a first timer)


After a lifetime of suspecting that my heterosexuality might not be solely and entirely vanilla, I eventually summoned up courage to investigate further on the internet. Miss Kami Robertson, with her experiences of submission in play beginning from early adulthood, seemed very warm, intelligent, encouraging and friendly. So, as I entered the beginning of my eighth decade, I contacted her with some trepidation. I need not have doubted my choice as she immediately started to put me at ease and initiated me into an exploration of my kinkiness. Ever caring and respectful, yet so firm and strict in her domination, she has gradually over the last year and more helped me to relax and began gently and gradually to open up for me a whole range of play experiences at this late stage in my life. I now am getting to understand myself and my hang-ups much better than ever and can thoroughly recommend her to anyone of any age who might feel as uncertain and nervous as I was. I now anticipate her guiding me in further unforeseen directions and look forward to many more discoveries about myself.



(…) I have met many mistresses over the years but few have the empathy to deliver a caning that takes me way beyond my usual pain threshold into sub-space. Kami had read my proposed scene and played her role of Head Girl to perfection, never letting up for a moment. I had earned 20 demerits and she was to cane me for each one, having decided how many strokes between 6 and 24 each offence deserved. Kami made the suspense before each “sentence” one of hugely exciting anticipation so that as I bent back over the punishment bench for my beating I was ready for whatever she had decided to give me.

Kami used a dense deep brown dragon cane that was flexible and imparted a terrific sting, leaving me exquisitely high as I waited for each stroke. Halfway through the session Kami changed sides and I found out that she is a natural left-hander, which is huge bonus as she was able to even up the marks on each cheek and so could continue to cane me very hard without risking any lasting damage. Not being used to so much punishment, my left buttock was left beautifully marked and I don’t expect the bruising to clear for a couple of weeks.

So for those of you who are looking for a serious but expert caning at the hands of a very pretty young woman, I can thoroughly recommend the lovely Kami.



When I first arranged a session with Miss Kami last summer it was mainly because I was curious to meet the lady who’d been my favourite CP model and blogger and see what she was like as a Top, but I was a bit unsure about how good someone fairly young, petite and not a native English speaker could be. Quite a few sessions later, I can say that any misgivings were misplaced, and Miss Kami is the best of the various Dommes I’ve met over the years: intelligent, completely fluent, skilled not just in CP but with bondage and other BDSM activities, but best of all someone who has real empathy and a passion for helping you explore your fantasies and extend your experience. What sums up her intelligent approach and understanding is when in our second session she put some painful clamps on my nipples, and seeing that I was clearly struggling, rather than take them straight off (or leave them on too long!) she gave a count of 20 to aim for before taking them off, giving a sense of achievement rather than failure. She knows that encouraging the sub to take something well to please her can sometimes give better results than doing something from threat of punishment. Since then I’ve trusted her to be the one always in control of what I can take and how far to push, and while somehow some recent sessions seem to have a high proportion of activities or implements I struggled with or was less keen on in the past (!), I’ve always come away from the session happy and energised. She’s also won me over to roleplay (which I’d never seen the point of before, being happy simply to hand over control to the Domme and play without any theme or context), simply because she’s so good at it.

If all this seems a little too ‘nice’, don’t worry, Miss Kami quite rightly has no qualms about stretching your limits and sending you away sore and bruised if that’s what you want. But every session finishes with a smile and a hug, and the satisfaction of having sessioned with someone who seems to genuinely care about helping you have the experience you want. Go on, give her a try!



(…) I presented Miss Kami with a tremendous challenge. I wanted a high degree of authenticity which meant that after she had given me a stern telling off I would be bent over and caned over the seat of my trousers – I felt it was acceptable within the realm of authenticity to exceed the six strokes which would have been the normal maximum in my school but not by a ridiculous number and most of all I stressed that I didn’t want to be left after the process thinking that it hadn’t really been a big deal after all. Miss Kami listened very carefully and applied her intelligence and experience in creating an amazing experience that absolutely fulfilled everything I could hope for. It was a huge ask – I knew that if it was disappointing, I could never have that ‘first’ experience ever again – but disappointing it certainly wasn’t. I was left with a very sore bottom and marks that lasted over two weeks. For the first time in my life I had the experience of wincing when I sat on a hard seat for a few days afterwards. It was exactly what I had hoped it might be and although I was prepared to be a bit disappointed about some aspect, I certainly wasn’t. Kami managed to combine being caring, considerate, and attentive with an absolutely ruthless, much deserved and long overdue thrashing. Would I go back again? Already have and planning the next time…



(Read the fully story of this person’s exploration on my blog post – A story of one’s person exploration…)


Twelve months ago, after a lifetime of fantasising about CP and attempting self-punishment, I plucked up the courage to contact Miss Kami and ask for a session. I had read her website, and felt that there was honesty about her approach which appealed to me. I arrived for my first session with some trepidation, not really knowing what to expect. She set me at ease at once, talked through my situation, showed me her array of implements, and then we got down to business. It was a tremendous experience, receiving CP for the first time in my life. On that occasion and my second visit we dealt with some issues from my past: then she persuaded me to try role-play and I have never looked back. We have now enjoyed 10 sessions – and I look forward to more. Every time she enters into role with amazing skill, and that helps me into role also. She is severe and strict once the session begins. She knows just how to stretch my limits, and equally, just when to stop! Every session is different, with a wide variety of roles: and the punishments vary according to the particular role play. And always, at the end, when we emerge from role, there is a cup of tea, a chat and an amazing hug!

I cannot praise Miss Kami’s skill and professionalism highly enough – and if you are wondering about contacting her I really do recommend that you do. I am certainly glad that I did.



I have visited Kami on a number of occasions at her Newcastle premises and on each visit she has delivered exactly what I wanted, considerably enhanced by her exquisite C.P.skills.

Kami is a fine practitioner, quickly assessing my needs and gradually, but firmly extending my limits.

We have always used role play scenarios and Kami is genuinely intimidating and very much in control!

She has a full range of meticulously cared for implements (the crook handled Dragon cane is very effective) and she uses them with great skill.

Finally, Kami is really nice, listens to what you want from a session and always provides a thoroughly professional service.

As she says in her we site, be careful what you wish for……because that’s exactly what you get!

Can’t wait for my next encounter, hopefully in her refurbished room.




I sent my 1st email to Miss Kami after reading thoroughly her website. She is not only a general CP mistress but also a therapist. And I found this description is very true. She is so genuine and helpful to her first comer. She is experienced and professional enough to know what level is suitable for the 1st visitor. The most crucial point for me is confidentiality before meeting her. My worries are gone and I feel so safe once arrived at her well-equipped room.

Well, people live under stressful life like me definitely need a way out to release the inside stress. I met her for 4 sessions and I saw and felt the progress between each of them. We did relaxation therapy and different role play sessions. I am deserved and converted to receive punishments by different implements. She did it gradually and built the intensity with right timing. During the role play process, I found myself and could complete the picture (puzzles) finally. I deeply thank Miss Kami from heart for her sincere, genuine attitude and warmest support to her clients every time after session. I give 9 out of 10 for my 1st experience.

Love, Elieen J (2013)


It was a real privilege to have someone as expert as you to take me through my first CP session. I was very nervous beforehand but your professional and friendly approach soon made me fully relaxed. This was a truly wonderful experience i never thought it would be both so relaxing and as well energising. I cannot wait for the next session.




I met Miss Kami for the first time in her well equipped playroom. I have been seeing different mistresses for the last 3 years, but until now CP has only taken up about 10 minutes of each session. After seeing Miss Kami’s web site i decided to try a whole session devoted to CP. She has a very through & professional approach and spent time before the session understanding my fantasy. Then she bent me over a spanking bench and began the punishment. She built the intensity gradually & used different implements, she is very accurate and just seemed to know how much i could take. She has totally converted me to CP, but only at her hands, she is a true expert and i hope to see her many times in the future. I was very reluctant to leave her as the session had been so wonderful, a real 10 out of 10 experience.





Kami is like the Aunt you always wanted, but younger and more beautiful than you ever fantasised about. She gave me the most enjoyable spanking that I have ever had – not just because she listens to your requests and answers in a better way than you can ever have imagined but like the Aunt who gives tea and sympathy, after the thorough spanking that you know you have deserved she gives an amazing hug to let let you know that the disciplinary issue has been dealt with and the the thorough spanking you have received has dealt with the issue.





Dear Ms Robertson

The session we both enjoyed last week was the best session I ever had. It was truly fabulous. I wish I have found you earlier as you fulfil all my desires to be punished and to relive old fantasies in the best way possible. You never go too far, yet you know how to push me just the way I need to be pushed.

I also have to say it’s very relaxing to be able to discuss my fantasies with you with ease knowing you understand them. You probably heard it all, but I’m still not used to it!

Apologies it took me so long to write back. Look forward to seeing you in 2 weeks time.

Take care,





Dear Kami:

I just wanted you to know that I am feeling so good after our session today — I went home with a spring in my step and a silly grin on my face! I thought you were informed, intelligent, grounded and highly skilled, and I’m very glad I came to you. So my grateful thanks to you for beating me as I have never been beaten before — 60 strokes of the Dragon cane and more than 250 with various straps — and yet I feel happy and fulfilled rather than just punished! All due not just to your physical skill but to your deep understanding of the processes involved.

I hope we will meet again in the next few weeks: and great admiration once again.

Love, R xx



Miss Kami,

A huge thank you for the least session. It was as mind-blowing and wonderful as ever. You always read me so well I get exactly what I need and deserve.

Another special session and memories for me.

I wait for the next opportunity to visit you with great anticipation.

Many Thanks, J



Good evening Kami,

I hope you had a good Christmas?

I have previously had a session with you back in November and wondered if I could possibly book another?

The last session I had with you did leave me wanting more. I guess I have this desire to be broken, I wouldn’t mind trying a bit of role play where I am sent to you to be punished along the lines of a neighbour that I have annoyed/broken something?

I will be honest I do have this desire/fantasy to be spanked to tears.

I do one again have to thank you for last time, your professionalism and approach was perfect, you even changed my opinion on some implements :)




Dear Miss Kami,

Thank you very much for the session today. I do appreciate the trouble you took to make the new scenario so realistic and being beaten naked and constrained certainly made it more erotic for me. You gave me just what I needed with your usual accuracy and although you say the severity was unchanged I found myself waiting for each new stroke with extra trepidation this time. Cruelty or what?

All the best




Dear Miss Kami,

May I say I had a truly unique experience with you today. You read me so well..like we have had session together for years. The odd thing is, I didn’t tell you any more than I have told other mistresses. I look forward to seeing you again next time I’m in London (hope my company will send me there SOON!).

Oh, and you looked fantastic in your high-heels and short skirt holding a cane – just like you photos show!

Thank you very much for an amazing time,

Your W



Good Afternoon Kami.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Saturday’s session. You have definitely started something very fun indeed. You were correct I do have a steel bum as there is absolutely no bruises or redness this morning, but still a little bit sore (which is a good thing) :)

It was a pleasure to work with you, and I really thank you for taking the time to talk with me too.

Many Thanks,




Dear Miss Kami,

Thank you for an excellent session this morning. You provided just what I needed and I shalln’t forget it for quite a few days.