Electric play

Are you interested in electric play? GREAT!!


I have a violet wand (North Eeast ONLY) and a TENS unit (both locations) available for play.


Please make sure to mention your interest in electric play when booking the session as I won’t have the gadgets with me if you surprise me with the request on the day!!!


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New photos of venues

I have updated my website with new photos of venues I use for sessions.

Click on the slider to visit the Gallery




  • St. Andrew's cross and whipping bench




  • Selection of toys and implements





North East premises and availability


It has been quite a while now since I stopped using the old premises and unfortuantely a number of  delays occured since that that were equally outside of my control and frustrating to everyone involved.

I apologies to all those that were used to the old place, its location and the ease of me having my own place to offer sessions from. I wish I had known back in February about all the delays as I would have tried to solve the things differently.

I am sorry for all the unfulfilled fantasies and lack of escapism that followed. I hope we can make up for it in the future.

I wish I could say there will be a quick fix to the situation, but at this stage I am unable to predict when I will have a use of my own premises again. I am looking for something that will be highly suitable in a good location as obviously I would like to settle down for longer without a need for more changes in the future.


While I am still on the lookout for my own place for the time being the premises near Chester-le-Street will be the place that I use.


So far the use of the premises went very well and smooth as they are mananged by super friendly people so I hope it will all continue equally well.


Due to other commitements my availability in the North East is:

  • Monday until 5pm
  • Tuesday* and Friday until 6pm
  • Wednesday and Thursday* until 4pm
  • Premises are not available weekends

*occassionally I will be able to offer Tuesday/Thursday evening sessions. If evenings are your only option feel free to enquire.


All availability is subject of course to the venue being available so advance booking is recommended.


With the winter approaching please consider that the temperature and the snowfall is often worse where the premises are located than it is in/near Newcastle. The premises are off a main road so unless we experience a very heavy snow it should be all fine but mornings after night snowfall can be tricky so if you worry please keep checking weather forecast.


New clients:

Please note that I am unable to offer sessions to new clients in the North East at this stage. No exception.

I am looking for a way to be able to change that, hopefully from next year. Please note, if possible it will involve a non-refundable deposit (payable most likely via a bank transfer) for the first session at all times. I will update my website when I have more information/can offer sessions to new clients.



North East – bad news and delays


Unfortunately there will be delays in me being able to resume offering sessions in North East.

The owner of the new place had a few little job he wanted to do in the place to freshen it up after previous occupants moved out. During those works they discovered some damage to the roof/wall in one of the corners.

The extend of the damage is unknown at this stage so the owner can’t get a quote and move on with the repairs. I have been told that depending on the extend of the damage it is possible that they may not be able to fix the place up straight away. I will possibly be looking for a new place.

I’ve been ressured they will have more definite answer for me within the next couple of weeks. I will update then.


Please don’t send me email asking when you can book a session. Obviously, right now I will not be taking any bookings. If I have any other information I will be posting it here.

North East Sessions



Dear North Easterners and those who travel for a session to North East,


I have been looking recently for a bigger place to offer sessions from. It looks like I will be moving much sooner than expected.

Bad news, after my return mid-March I will no longer be able to offer sessions in North East in the old place as I have to fold down and tidy the old place up before my holidays in April.

Good new, I should be getting the keys for the new place in May and will hopefully be up and running shortly after that.


I apologise to all of you that has hoped for a session in the next couple of month after my return to North East. I was hoping for a smoother transition later in the year, from the old to the new place, but given that I’m now away and will be going away again in April this is the best I can do.


I will keep you updated of any changes.

Sessions availability


I will be having some work done to my venue in Newcastle at the end of the week.


Therefore, I’m unable to offer any sessions on Thrusday 23rd until after 6pm.

Availabiity on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th will be limited. If you book a session now, I can arrange the works around your session, but no short notice appointments will be possible (especially on Friday).


Following that I will be down in London 27th June till 2nd JulyEverything will be back to normal after 2nd July.

Apologies if that prohibits you from having a session at you preferred time/day!



New toys – gags

I have recently been feeling very crafty and have made a variety of toys to play with.

Sometimes some of you show up with your favourite toys or implements. Sometimes I find interesting things down in the London venue. Generally, however, I like things changed and adjusted so, based of different designs I have seen, and sometimes also played with, I have made some of my own.

I have been working on a selection of different gags; bit gags, ball gags and ring gags.

Different sizes, different shapes (and accidentally also different colours)!


gags-3  gags-2  gags-6

I also had a go at a harness gag that probably will need further adjusting for a nicer and snugger fit. Anyone volunteering to be a willing victim for testing it out?


PS. Some of the new toys I will be taking down to London, so yes, they will be available down there as well.


Newest addition. Cage. A lovely gift to add variety to my sessions.




I know some of you expressed interest in being locked in a cage during a session – so the opportunity is now here. The door can be safely padlocked to make sure you are not going anywhere without permission.

(I forgot to check the size of the cage, but for reference, the black tape on the wall behind the cage is 1m wide)

I’m not sure how often it will get used but should it prove popular I will probaby be looking to remove some of the bars to have better access to anyone locked inside.


PS. Please note tht the cage is available in my Newcastle Venue only.

PPS. If you would like it included in the session please tell me in advance. The cage will not permanently up. Although it is quick to assemble it still takes time that I’m sure you would rather spend playing.