Roleplays and Session Ideas AKA Play Fantasy

My recent JP with a Twist post proved to be very popular.

I have received a lot emails expressing interests. Some of you enthusiastically suggested modification and improvement to the game to suit you interests. Some of you turned it into a more strict and severe option while others made it into more of a BDSM game adding body parts.

And I bet, some of you  took a dice and rolled it get the idea of your chances.

I look forward to trying out all those varieties of the JP with a twist game over the next few week.

Thinking how that post sparkled interests and creativity I have decided to make it a semi-regular feature called Play Fantasy. On here, I will be choosing the best creative and exciting roleplay or session idea that I heard and/or had fun turning into reality.

100% anonymoulsy (and without ANY presonal details whatsoever) of course so no need to worry!

North East New Place

All is going as planned. Have collected the keys to my new place last night!!! Now just make some little changes, decorating and refurbishing. The place is in East Boldon, very close to the Metro. Very good, discreet location and no nosy neighbours! There will be both domestic/school setting and restraining facilities and furniture for more BDSM type of play. Photos will be available as soon as it’s all finished.   So officially back offering session from next Monday, 27th January! Get in touch to book the a session if interested.   All the hassle took me away from a number of planned changes to my website. Hope to find time to finish it shortly, once the venue is ready!