Electric play

Are you interested in electric play? GREAT!!


I have a violet wand (North Eeast ONLY) and a TENS unit (both locations) available for play.


Please make sure to mention your interest in electric play when booking the session as I won’t have the gadgets with me if you surprise me with the request on the day!!!


*Click on a thumbnail to enlagre a photo


Possible availability in London March and April


I am trying to decide when I will be able to get down to London after this trip.


Would there be any interest for a session last week of March, during a slightly shorter trip, let’s say 26-30th? Or would that be too close to Easter?


If a trip at the end of March won’t take place next opportunity I will have is from 23rd/24th till 28th April.

Regular clients: if you are interested in sessioning end of March (I am not asking for a firm commitment, just trying to gauge interest) please drop me an email and I will make my plans based on response I get.

London sessions

To make up for the missed trip in March, I will be aiming to come down to London one more time than usual before the end of the year.


The dates of the trips till the end of the year will most likely be:

25th July – 30th July

29th August – 3rd September

3rd October – 8th October

31st October – 5th November

28th November – 3rd December


Please note these are NOT confirmed dates, but I will be aiming to preserve them as much as possible.

I can take preliminary enquiries for any of these trips but will not be able to take fixed bookings until 2-3 weeks before each trip.


PS. Most of the toys mentioned on my blog are permanently in my Newcastle venue. If you would like to experience any of them in London you have to let me know BEFORE I go down to London.



London scholroom:


London Dungeon:






Schoolroom photos

A few recent photos.

Sadly, they are far from best (odd colour balance and quite grainy), but I realised these are the only photos I have taken at my Newcastle venue so like them anyway!

I might have to take more photos at my place…if I could only figure out how to turn that artificial light into something more photogenic!








Gallery and photos

I have re-arranged the gallery page today. I have separated the gallery page into Mistress Gallery, Newcastle Venue Gallery and London Venue Gallery for easier browsing – all accessible from the Main Gallery Page. Hope its easier to navigate now and also, for those with slower connections, should load faster now when its divided.

Also added few photos for more variety (more in Mistress Gallery):