MissKami now on Fetlife

As of today I have added a complete (text, photos, fetishes etc.)

profile on FetLife under MissKami username:



If you are on FetLife feel free to send me a friend request – I will not limit whom I accept to people I have met.  Anyone; dom, switch, sub, curious or active participant in bdsm/cp scene is welcome!

I don’t predict being a very active participant in different groups or conversations, but as I am planning to organise school days and similar events in North East it seemed like a good way to reach towards like-minded people.


North East scene differs so much to what I was used to in London. I’m still adapting to it.

I hope that through FetLife I can reach those who spent years lurking around and never took their first step to explore their interests.


Whether with me or with another Mistress, I wish you all happy exploration and many satisfactory experiences.  



Please note: I no longer use my old, private account on FetLife – any friends requests or messages there will be ignored.

Also, to arrange a session with me – email! Don’t go through FetLife!


PS. When I’m not busy fiddling with my website, FetLife accounts or occupied beating willing bottoms I’m working on few new implements. New straps and paddles coming soon!

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