Newest addition. Cage. A lovely gift to add variety to my sessions.




I know some of you expressed interest in being locked in a cage during a session – so the opportunity is now here. The door can be safely padlocked to make sure you are not going anywhere without permission.

(I forgot to check the size of the cage, but for reference, the black tape on the wall behind the cage is 1m wide)

I’m not sure how often it will get used but should it prove popular I will probaby be looking to remove some of the bars to have better access to anyone locked inside.


PS. Please note tht the cage is available in my Newcastle Venue only.

PPS. If you would like it included in the session please tell me in advance. The cage will not permanently up. Although it is quick to assemble it still takes time that I’m sure you would rather spend playing.



Naughty prints and posters

I have recently been wanting to spruce up the place a bit with some suitable decorations. While I try to find a  suitable (and bigger) mirror I have decided to decorate the place with some naughty prints and posters. If you have been for a session recently you probably have seen them yourself!

In the school corner you can now find photos of a lovely collection of straps and tawses. I have had the pleasure of using the actual implements on the bottom of their owner (accompanied by some lovely ouchy noises). Although I can’t offer you a punishment with the exact toys, you will, of course, be able to find suitable substitutes on my rack with implements.


In the dungeon corner I have hanged some even more naughty black and white prints.


In the other corner of the dungeon there is now a poster that seems very fitting for certain type of sessions. You have been warned!

leash laws

More soon.


The somewhat harsh light in my Newcastle place has been bothering me from the beginning but I wasnt quite sure what I wanted. Until recently.

I have decided on less harsh, white light (not on photos) and found some rather interesting dark orange/red ones.


I will probably be picking up another one of those soon so that the soft light can be coming from more than one direction. And I’m really looking forward to seeing if that will help with relaxation therapy session and other similar.



Fixing up the schoolroom!

Although I only have one room in my North East venue it is big enough to arrange a themed corner.

I have separated one corner area for a schoolroom to give it a better look.

I have just bought a blackboard and will be adding few more authentic items like maps, books etc. to allow for more authentic school sessions.

I will post photos once it’s all sorted out!

In the meantime of course the space is still useable for sessions and punishment of all the naughty boys that so far escaped the punishment!

Gallery and photos

I have re-arranged the gallery page today. I have separated the gallery page into Mistress Gallery, Newcastle Venue Gallery and London Venue Gallery for easier browsing – all accessible from the Main Gallery Page. Hope its easier to navigate now and also, for those with slower connections, should load faster now when its divided.

Also added few photos for more variety (more in Mistress Gallery):


Newcastle venue – photos

Few photos of the my new premises in North East added (click to enlarge).


My bench has been safely moved and set up. The kneeling stool can be disattached and the bench turned into a sort of vaulting horse for school punishments.



Nearly all of my impact toys hanging nicely and ready to be used.



I also have new a set of floggers waitng to be used. Anyone wishing to be the firs to play test them? A wide range of sensation from a gentle to quite a sting!



Also few newly adapted straps for those liking heavier play.