Newest addition. Cage. A lovely gift to add variety to my sessions.




I know some of you expressed interest in being locked in a cage during a session – so the opportunity is now here. The door can be safely padlocked to make sure you are not going anywhere without permission.

(I forgot to check the size of the cage, but for reference, the black tape on the wall behind the cage is 1m wide)

I’m not sure how often it will get used but should it prove popular I will probaby be looking to remove some of the bars to have better access to anyone locked inside.


PS. Please note tht the cage is available in my Newcastle Venue only.

PPS. If you would like it included in the session please tell me in advance. The cage will not permanently up. Although it is quick to assemble it still takes time that I’m sure you would rather spend playing.



Play Fantasy – Interrogation


A bit delayed but here it comes!

This month’s best session fantasy is more a group of fantasies rather than a specific one.

May seemed to be a little bit of a ‘hmmm…interrogation sounds intriguing’ kind of month.


I had a number of people inquiring about possible interrogations sessions. Some of you seem to believe in certain myths surrounding the whole subject that seems to be taking potential enjoyment away from you. So here goes few simple demystifying facts.


  • Interrogation sessions do NOT have to be severe. Like everything in the CP and BDSM world it can be tailor-made to suit your level of play.
  • It can be either pure CP or BDSM or mix of both.
  • It can have a very deep roleplay with complex story and background or be as simple in nature as any other roleplay.
  • It can be a official, semi-official or a very unofficial setting


But what is even more important is that I heard a number of people being put of the idea because they believe the session will end when they ‘give up the information’.

I don’t know how other mistresses run their sessions and it is none of my business. I, personally, see no reason why a session should instantly end once the person being interrogated ‘gives up the information’. There are infinite ways of proceeding once that happened. Infinite.

I hope to shortly post few interrogation session ideas for some inspiration as well as some more practical information if you are interested that will hopefully be useful…



Roleplays and Session Ideas AKA Play Fantasy

My recent JP with a Twist post proved to be very popular.

I have received a lot emails expressing interests. Some of you enthusiastically suggested modification and improvement to the game to suit you interests. Some of you turned it into a more strict and severe option while others made it into more of a BDSM game adding body parts.

And I bet, some of you  took a dice and rolled it get the idea of your chances.

I look forward to trying out all those varieties of the JP with a twist game over the next few week.

Thinking how that post sparkled interests and creativity I have decided to make it a semi-regular feature called Play Fantasy. On here, I will be choosing the best creative and exciting roleplay or session idea that I heard and/or had fun turning into reality.

100% anonymoulsy (and without ANY presonal details whatsoever) of course so no need to worry!