Naughty prints and posters

I have recently been wanting to spruce up the place a bit with some suitable decorations. While I try to find a  suitable (and bigger) mirror I have decided to decorate the place with some naughty prints and posters. If you have been for a session recently you probably have seen them yourself!

In the school corner you can now find photos of a lovely collection of straps and tawses. I have had the pleasure of using the actual implements on the bottom of their owner (accompanied by some lovely ouchy noises). Although I can’t offer you a punishment with the exact toys, you will, of course, be able to find suitable substitutes on my rack with implements.


In the dungeon corner I have hanged some even more naughty black and white prints.


In the other corner of the dungeon there is now a poster that seems very fitting for certain type of sessions. You have been warned!

leash laws

More soon.