New toys – gags

I have recently been feeling very crafty and have made a variety of toys to play with.

Sometimes some of you show up with your favourite toys or implements. Sometimes I find interesting things down in the London venue. Generally, however, I like things changed and adjusted so, based of different designs I have seen, and sometimes also played with, I have made some of my own.

I have been working on a selection of different gags; bit gags, ball gags and ring gags.

Different sizes, different shapes (and accidentally also different colours)!


gags-3  gags-2  gags-6

I also had a go at a harness gag that probably will need further adjusting for a nicer and snugger fit. Anyone volunteering to be a willing victim for testing it out?


PS. Some of the new toys I will be taking down to London, so yes, they will be available down there as well.