What’s new?

I hope you are all enjoying the New Eear and the new opportunities it hopefully brings!


I am now back and availble for sessions as normal.

My next trip to London is 23rd-27th January. (I have some limited availability remaining if you are interested in booking a session with me.)

I’m available as normal for sessions in Newcastle area outside of those days.


As usual, there is no same day appointments for new clients (especially in Newcastle). Please contact me in advance to book a session.


I look forward to hearing from you,




Sessions availability


I will be having some work done to my venue in Newcastle at the end of the week.


Therefore, I’m unable to offer any sessions on Thrusday 23rd until after 6pm.

Availabiity on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th will be limited. If you book a session now, I can arrange the works around your session, but no short notice appointments will be possible (especially on Friday).


Following that I will be down in London 27th June till 2nd JulyEverything will be back to normal after 2nd July.

Apologies if that prohibits you from having a session at you preferred time/day!



I’m back!!

Welcome back everyone!


I’m now back to my usual schedule offering sessions in Newcastle area for majority of the time with trips to London every 5 weeks (on average).


Thank you to all those that arranged their schedules to come and see me when my availability was very limited.


Apologies to those I haven’t been able to see due to my restrictive schedule.


First week back was very busy. It is nice to know I have been missed!


I’m now off to London until Saturday.

Christmas season


With Christmas approaching a short update:

I will not be available on the 25th, 26th or 1st January.


Sessions (in Newcastle!) on all other days throughout the festive season will be happily considered after prior appointment.


If you would like the colour of your bottom to match the Christmassy red or fancy a little bit of fetishy indulgence do get in touch now to book your Christmas treat!

I can even dress the part of…well…you will have to find out yourself the part of what…

Back to blogging

Life has been extremely busy over the last couple of months but I hope I will have more time to take care of my website and blog over the few weeks.

I’m planning to:

  • go back to blog more regularly – if i can keep up to date I was hoping to including some news about local (North East / North) events and similar
  • sort the testimonial page – will be adding new testimonials!! If you asked in the past wishing to provide one now is you chance as i will be doing the update shortly after I’m back from London. Just email me with it during the next week or so!
  • finally changing and expanding on the relaxation page that has been postponed since Christmas!

My new place


My new place in North East came out very nice!

I have my bench there (all nicely and tightly bolted together so very secure).

I have nearly 40 spanking implements (paddles, straps, canes, floggers, bruishes, slippers and more) and a variety of other type of toys.

I have hooks tightly fitted in for restraining when necessary (for CBT, nipple play and back whipping).


Next week I’m going to have a double school desk added (thank you for providing it – you know who you are!)


The place has been used for the first time last Tuesday and performed perfectly! It has been soundproofed on top of a recently build house standard cavity wall so is EXTREMELY discreet and safe noise-wise.

I look forward to more sessions and hope to see you guys shortly for a well deserved discipline and fetish play.

I will be taking some photos (of the place and a vast array of toys!) tomorrow so will post over the weekend.


Hope you are staying warm, and if the bottom needs warming up you know where to report!


North East Venue


Change of plans! I have decided to get my own place!

If everything goes well I will be collecting keys when I’m back from London on Monday, 20th January.  Give it a week for some redecorations and I’m planning to start offering sessions again from 27th January!

Location is pretty good and the place seems to have been made for me.

Easy access by public transport (5min walk from metro) and by car from A1 and A19.


Please note, I won’t take any firm bookings for sessions until I have the keys in my hand, but you are welcome email me now to express interest.


More details, location and pics shortly.