New clients


Hello and welcome!


Whether you are an experience player or new to domination sessions, I’m yet again offering sessions to new clients both in London and The North East!



You will have to pay a deposit to book your first session with me. No deposits will be required for return visits.

I use PayPal (alternative arrangements can be made if needed – Amazon or cash). The transaction will display on your statement as R2348.

The deposit is £50/1h, £65/90min and £80/2h.

Please do NOT pay until asked to do so.


How will it work?

  • Have a look at my website, the services I offer etc.
  • Drop me an email, briefly explaining your interests (I need this to know which room to book but don’t worry if you’re not sure 100% what you want to do, we can discuss that on the day) and what days/times you would like to book your session for
  • Once we have found a mutually agreeable time for your session, I will then ask you to pay the deposit – please do NOT pay anything beforehand! (I don’t use this email address on PayPal)
  • Once I receive the deposit, your session will be fully confirmed


Please make sure to BOOK IN ADVANCE. At least 2-3 days’ notice is appreciated.


In an unlikely event I have to cancel your session, you will have an option of a full refund or to reschedule – it’s up to you.

If you can’t make your session, the deposit is non-refundable. But if you contact me at least 2 days in advance, we can reschedule and I will transfer your deposit (once only!).

If you don’t show up on the day, you lose your deposit.


If you have any questions, please drop me an email!

I’m back!!

Welcome back everyone!


I’m now back to my usual schedule offering sessions in Newcastle area for majority of the time with trips to London every 5 weeks (on average).


Thank you to all those that arranged their schedules to come and see me when my availability was very limited.


Apologies to those I haven’t been able to see due to my restrictive schedule.


First week back was very busy. It is nice to know I have been missed!


I’m now off to London until Saturday.


Hi Guys,


A little experiment here. Following the example of some of the Pro Dommes I decided to attach a blog to my site. It might not be a common theme on the London scene but seems to be popular in other part of UK, North East included. And since I’m now permanently based in Newcastle area (and will be defnitely staying here!) it seemed like a good idea


So here it goes an attempt to make a website look more alive without constatly changing the main pages.


I’m not aiming to blog very frequently. To start with, maybe a post every week or two. Most of them will include a photo.


After some thoughts I decided that comments won’t be allowed on this blog. (The little 0>> sign below the post doesn’t work and won’t let you leave a comment! It will be removed soon)


A brief reasurance to those of you that sessioned with me in the past and are worried about privacy: NO NAMES (or other personal details) will EVER be mentioned on this blog.