London availability



Due to personal circumstances I need to make the following changes:

As I already have bookings for July this trip will stay as previously advertised


17th – 21st July

If you made a booking for this trip it is all CONFIRMED and I will definitely be in London.


Dates for August and September are currently ON HOLD.

As I haven’t had any bookings for then, there is NO CANCELLATIONS taking place.

I will update as soon as possible, though will wait until I’m 100% sure before reposting.


Apologies for the changes and confusion.

Availability in London over summer

Below are the dates I will be available in London in the future.


17th -21st July

August TBC

September TBC


I will be know if I am able to stay for the weekend closer to the time. For now these are the dates available.


As before, I am happy to take bookings for any of these trips for regular clients. If we have never sessioned before I will be able to take a booking 2 weeks in advance.


I have a very limited availability remaining for the next trip in June 12th -16th. If you are interested in making a booking I look forward to hearing from you.


Outside of those days I am available for sessions in Newcastle.

Days I’m not available and/or away can be viewed to the right of this post when applicable.


Please read my website before contacting me.

If you have any questions feel free to email me.



Availability in London in June

My next trip to London is 12th – 16th June.

I will not be able to stay in London the weekend after (17-18th).

A slightly shorter trip than usual means I might not be able to see some of you this time, but unfortunately personal circumstances don’t allow me to stay in London longer.

Shortly I will put up here dates for the next few trips which are likely to be the usual length so we will hopefully be able to make up for any punishments, tease and torments missed in June.



London trips confirmed

The following dates for London trips are confirmed:


27th February – 3rd March

3rd – 7th April

8th – 12th May

12th -16th June


I am happy to take bookings for any of these trips for regular clients. If I have never seen you before I can take a preliminary booking to be confirmed couple of weeks in advance.

There is still no Saturdays included in those dates but I will be in London on a Satuday at least during some of those trips – to be confirmed couple of weeks before a trip.

As usual, if you would like to play with any particular implement or toy that you have seen on my wesbite please let me know in advance so I can bring it with me to London.

I look forward to seeing you,






What’s new?

I hope you are all enjoying the New Eear and the new opportunities it hopefully brings!


I am now back and availble for sessions as normal.

My next trip to London is 23rd-27th January. (I have some limited availability remaining if you are interested in booking a session with me.)

I’m available as normal for sessions in Newcastle area outside of those days.


As usual, there is no same day appointments for new clients (especially in Newcastle). Please contact me in advance to book a session.


I look forward to hearing from you,




Sessions in London

The dates I have posted back in July regarding my trips to London for the rest of the year have been confirmed.


I will be down in London during the following days:

3rd October – 8th October

31st October – 5th November

28th November – 3rd December


For any regular client I am more than happy to take bookings for any of these trips/days. New clients are welcome to make preliminary bookings (that you will then have to confirm 1-2 weeks before the session)


If you have never sessioned with me please have a read through this website and particularly Sessions With Me Page before booking.


I look forward to turning your fantasy into reality!






London sessions

To make up for the missed trip in March, I will be aiming to come down to London one more time than usual before the end of the year.


The dates of the trips till the end of the year will most likely be:

25th July – 30th July

29th August – 3rd September

3rd October – 8th October

31st October – 5th November

28th November – 3rd December


Please note these are NOT confirmed dates, but I will be aiming to preserve them as much as possible.

I can take preliminary enquiries for any of these trips but will not be able to take fixed bookings until 2-3 weeks before each trip.


PS. Most of the toys mentioned on my blog are permanently in my Newcastle venue. If you would like to experience any of them in London you have to let me know BEFORE I go down to London.



London scholroom:


London Dungeon:






I’m back!!

Welcome back everyone!


I’m now back to my usual schedule offering sessions in Newcastle area for majority of the time with trips to London every 5 weeks (on average).


Thank you to all those that arranged their schedules to come and see me when my availability was very limited.


Apologies to those I haven’t been able to see due to my restrictive schedule.


First week back was very busy. It is nice to know I have been missed!


I’m now off to London until Saturday.

Changes and refurbishment

Hi again,

Looks like summer is the time of changes.

Changes to my site. Refurbishment of the Newcastle venue – well underway. Refurbishment of the London venue – as far as I know finished for the moment.

The London’s School room has now been changed to be a more authentic setting.

Next time I’m down there, in early August, I will take more photos to replace the out-of-date ones in gallery.

For now, a quick previous with low-quality photos:

Blackboard and a school desk as before.

A new sofa chair.

And a black bench replaced with a barrel (restraints available if/when needed!)

A black bench (with mutliple restraint points) is still available in the dungeon and of course can be used for a wide variety of sessions and roleplay scenarios.

As usual, a wide variety of (clean!) implements available in both rooms!