Dates in London January – March

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed the festive season.

I am well ready to go back to dealing with all your misdemanours, fullfilling various fantasies and helping you explore your fetish interests.


My next couple of trips to London will be as follow:

16th – 20th Janaury (normal availability thoughout the days and evenings)

5th February –  3rd March (available evenings 7pm – 10pm only during weekdays and normal availability throughout the days and evenings during weekends)

Late March – I am hoping for a short-ish 4day or so trip before Easter, to be confirmed soon


This will be the last such long trip for the foreseeable future and I fully expect my visits to London to return to the normal 5-6 days every 4-6 weeks after that.


As usual, I’m happy to take bookings from regular clients for any of the days, and I will be able to take bookings from new clients about 2 weeks in advance.


I will be away 4-11th March.


I will be available for session in Newcastle area outside of those days.


!!! ALL sessions after prior appointment only !!!


Availability in London Autumn/Winter 2017


My dates in London for the rest of the year are as follow:


27th September – 2nd October (normal availability throughout the days)


22nd October – 24th November (available 7pm-10pm week days and throughout the day at the weekends)


1st OR 2nd full week of December (details to be confirmed later)


As usual I am happy to take bookings for any of the confirmed dates from regular clients.


If you are a new client I will be able to take initial enquires at any point but will only be able make a firm booking no earlier than 2 weeks in advance.

If you would like to finalise a booking earlier you will be able to do so by paying in a deposit. Please enquire.


Any questions feel free to email.



London trips confirmed

The following dates for London trips are confirmed:


27th February – 3rd March

3rd – 7th April

8th – 12th May

12th -16th June


I am happy to take bookings for any of these trips for regular clients. If I have never seen you before I can take a preliminary booking to be confirmed couple of weeks in advance.

There is still no Saturdays included in those dates but I will be in London on a Satuday at least during some of those trips – to be confirmed couple of weeks before a trip.

As usual, if you would like to play with any particular implement or toy that you have seen on my wesbite please let me know in advance so I can bring it with me to London.

I look forward to seeing you,






London trips first half of 2017

Here are the most likely dates for London trip for the first half of the year.

I will confirm these dates for definite end of January after I come back from London.

At the moment these dates do not include any weekends and end on a Friday – I will try to stay in London whenever possible for the following Saturday (to be confirmed closer to the time)


23rd -27th January (confirmed and taking bookings now)

27th February – 3rd March

3rd – 7th April

8th – 12th May

12th -16th June




London sessions

To make up for the missed trip in March, I will be aiming to come down to London one more time than usual before the end of the year.


The dates of the trips till the end of the year will most likely be:

25th July – 30th July

29th August – 3rd September

3rd October – 8th October

31st October – 5th November

28th November – 3rd December


Please note these are NOT confirmed dates, but I will be aiming to preserve them as much as possible.

I can take preliminary enquiries for any of these trips but will not be able to take fixed bookings until 2-3 weeks before each trip.


PS. Most of the toys mentioned on my blog are permanently in my Newcastle venue. If you would like to experience any of them in London you have to let me know BEFORE I go down to London.



London scholroom:


London Dungeon: