Onwards and upwards – the 2024 edition!

Every year I keep promising myself to post on here with some sort of regularity. And every year I don’t…

The truth is blogs are a bit antiquated. Everything seems to be about social media these days – a form of communication that I think is very unsuitable to this sort of sessions. One’s exploration of all things fetish, BDSM and CP should be by definition private and discreet. Maybe one day I will get myself onto twitter or similar, but 2024 will not be that year.

I will however make another effort to revive this blog. I have received some wonderful implements for Christmas from some of my clients that definitely deserve being immortalised with a quick photo and a few other things and thoughts I would like to share.

So here is to the 2024:

I wish everyone a (somewhat belated) Happy New Year! I hope this year will bring you plenty of memorable experiences that make life worth living for.

And should having a spanked bottom be one of them – you know where to find me!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you had a lovely festive season!

Life has been all over the place for most of us in the last 3 years. I look forward to a bit more normality, or more correctly to building the new normal.

If you have any unfulfilled, lingering fantasies, perhaps this is the year to take the brave step forward and out of your comfort zone. Or maybe this year is about revisting your old-time favourites, enjoying the comfort of well-known sensations.

Whichever one you’re after, perhaps both at different times, I look forward to fascilitating your exploration.

If you’re new to this website, please have a read through the services I offer and other useful infomation before contacting me. As a new, to me, client, you will have to pay a deposit for your first session.

The cost of life is rising, making it harder and harder to afford the fun things in life we like to do. I have started offering sessions over 10 years ago and in all that time I have only lifted my rates once, back in 2017. I am way overdue needing to increase my rates but I will NOT be doing it at this point. I will rethink this in 6 months time, but for now my rates remain the same. While I know it does not help much in the grand scheme of things, I intend to remain as affordable, allowing you to experience the sessions whenever possible, for as long as I can.

Here’s a toast to new explorations, fun, fulfilment, excitement and satisfaction!!

New testimonials

I have added 3 new testimonials to the website. More coming soon!

You can read them all here.


“(…) Life can be very stressful at times: after a session with Miss Kami I feel mentally lighter, and much more relaxed. (…)”


“(…) I have been seeing Miss Kami for a number of years now and have never had a bad experience. Don’t be fooled by her smile once the session begins she is definitely in charge! (…)”


“(…) From the very first session Miss Kami made me feel comfortable safe and not judged. (…)”


Join me for a safe, consensual and deeply rewarding session,

always tailored to your limits and experience!


Electric play

Are you interested in electric play? GREAT!!


I have a violet wand (North Eeast ONLY) and a TENS unit (both locations) available for play.


Please make sure to mention your interest in electric play when booking the session as I won’t have the gadgets with me if you surprise me with the request on the day!!!


*Click on a thumbnail to enlagre a photo


New photos of venues

I have updated my website with new photos of venues I use for sessions.

Click on the slider to visit the Gallery




  • St. Andrew's cross and whipping bench




  • Selection of toys and implements





Regular and returning clients

Hello and welcome back!


Real time, face-to-face session are (almost) back to normal for all my REGULAR AND RETURNING clients

NEW CLIENTS – if we have never sessioned before please read this!



I realise some might not feel comfortable having a session just yet and that is completely fine. You let me know when the time is right for you and we will take it from there.


If you are missing exploring your fantasies – be it a straightforward CP scenario or more sensual BDSM play – let’s do it!!


Please book in advance.



Masks are no longer required indoors as per government guidelines, but if you would feel more comfortable if we both wear a mask, that is absolutely fine. Please let me know when booking.

All toys and implements are disinfected after use (they always have been but I continue being more diligent in this department) and any towels or throws you might be lying down are washed after each use at 60C.

If you attend a session, I urge to use common sense. If you don’t feel well, please cancel (at the latest on the morning of the session). If you have to isolate, please cancel/reschedule the session as soon as possible.



In the North East all prices remain unchanged for the time being and I’m still using the same premises. For update on London venue please check here.


I look forward to seeing you again for a session!


New clients


Hello and welcome!


Whether you are an experience player or new to domination sessions, I’m yet again offering sessions to new clients both in London and The North East!



You will have to pay a deposit to book your first session with me. No deposits will be required for return visits.

I use PayPal (alternative arrangements can be made if needed – Amazon or cash). The transaction will display on your statement as R2348.

The deposit is £50/1h, £65/90min and £80/2h.

Please do NOT pay until asked to do so.


How will it work?

  • Have a look at my website, the services I offer etc.
  • Drop me an email, briefly explaining your interests (I need this to know which room to book but don’t worry if you’re not sure 100% what you want to do, we can discuss that on the day) and what days/times you would like to book your session for
  • Once we have found a mutually agreeable time for your session, I will then ask you to pay the deposit – please do NOT pay anything beforehand! (I don’t use this email address on PayPal)
  • Once I receive the deposit, your session will be fully confirmed


Please make sure to BOOK IN ADVANCE. At least 2-3 days’ notice is appreciated.


In an unlikely event I have to cancel your session, you will have an option of a full refund or to reschedule – it’s up to you.

If you can’t make your session, the deposit is non-refundable. But if you contact me at least 2 days in advance, we can reschedule and I will transfer your deposit (once only!).

If you don’t show up on the day, you lose your deposit.


If you have any questions, please drop me an email!