Fantasy & Roleplay

Roleplay is not a must during a session with. If you do not like the idea, that all good – we can still session together without roleplay.

Personally, however, I believe roleplay can add a lot to just about any CP or BDSM experience. Why not give it some thoughts and try it if you are curious?


Below you can find a brief description of what roleplay is as well as some possible examples to help your imagination.


Different people understand and define roleplay differently. Most people’s views will be shaped by their previous experience.


So, what’s roleplay?

According my definition, when I ask you if you want to indulge in a roleplay scenario, I mean if you would like to assume a particular character for the duration of the session. A character, like a naughty schoolboy, a lazy employee, a pervy neighbour, a slave, a rebebllious convict – you tell me! – that reports for or is sent to be punished. A character that has done something that merits the “punishment”. A character that becomes a direct participant in the activities during the session. Non-punishment play is also possible with a variety of roleplay scenarios.


Roleplay is not a faked play. The action, the interaction, the punishment, the session is still real. It’s as real as a session with no roleplay but simply has a background story – a context – to go with it.

Roleplay also is NOT acting – there is no dialogue or script to follow.

Often, it allows the punishee to forget about the real life, to lose himself (or herself) in the experience. It might help you stop feeling silly, especially if your experience with CP or BDSM is somewhat limited.

You are welcome to use some events from your past and incorporate them into the scene. Maybe something you got away with in the past? Something you feel guilty about? Or simply something you wish to be punished for?

A roleplay scenario can be as close to your real-life situation/experience as you want or as surreal and made-up as your imagination allows for.

Roleplay doesn’t work for everyone. Very often, however, it greatly enhances the experience. So if you like the idea, have a look at some of the ideas below and we can try any of them when you come for a session.


Some of the most common roleplay scenarios that I offer include (please note these are just examples not fixed scripts to follow):

School (Prefect, Head Girl, Teacher, Headmistress, PE Teacher)

Domestic (Aunt, Governess, Neighbour)

Judicial (Prison Warden, Punishment Officer)

Workbased (Boss, Secretary, Scientist, PR Reviewer)




Wanting more help to fire up your imagination? Keek reading!



Have you been lazy recently? Playing truant? Cheeky? Persistently late? Fighting? That has a very bad influence on other students in our prestigious school and we will not tolerate it. Looks like you just earned yourself a detention. And to drive the message home you are going to be severely punished as well.



Have you been so bad that your teacher can’t cope with you anymore? It’s time to face the Headmistress. She won’t let you out of her office until you are properly sorry for what you have done. She will make sure that you will remember the lesson for a long time and won’t err again anytime soon. Or you will be back bending over her desk for more.


Cruel boss

You thought she was just a young, hot looking chick and you could easily take advantage of the situation? Think again! Cross the line one more time and you will know exactly what happens to those who underestimate her. She won’t fire you… that would no fun at all. Oh no, she likes to entertain instead. She happens to be a firm believer in on the spot punishment. Did you miss that small print at the bottom of your job contract?


Angry neighbour

Sometimes school scenes don’t work and you just don’ feel like roleplaying a schoolboy. In such cases you might find yourself being blackmailed by your neighbour who threatens to make your life a nightmare unless you entertain her…somewhat…sadistic fantasies. She always liked whipping guys’ behinds – looks like you are next in line.


Head girl

She is way out of line abusing her position like that. That’s why she wanted to be the Head Girl in the first place. She is a bully and you are her next victim. But the only thing you have to know is that there is nothing you can do about it. She is the one holding the cane! So bare your bottom and bend over…



As old as the fetish play itself the scenario offers virtually unlimited options for CP and BDSM play. Ceaselessly, she will train you until you perform all her instructions to perfection. With strict rules and high expectations your Mistress will always find a reason to punish. Impress her, and there is a chance of reward…maybe.


Prison Warden
Special prisons don’t keep their convicts locked away in a cell. They work to actively modify their behaviours. Or so they like to think. The prisons wardens take personal interest in your repentance. Or maybe they just like thrashing you and amusing themselves with your body? I’m never quite sure…


Trainer/PE teacher

Are you neglecting your training sessions? Coming up with too many excuses why you can’t make it this week? Looks like you pushed it too far this time. You will report for your punishment before the next PE lesson so your classmates will have a good look at your red bottom when you shower. I’m sure the lesson will be reinforced by the discomfort caused by exercising with a sore bottom.



Prod here, poke there… what will happen if I try this harder? Or maybe an inch to the left? Would you like to turn yourself into my newest guinea pig? Would like to discover what truly makes your body tick? With a wide variety of implements I can keep myself entrained for a long time. And you… just stay there until I’m finished.



In the more domestic setting you can suffer the wrath of your governess or aunt annoyed with your constantly deteriorating behaviour. She does her best to teach you about life and is responsible for you. Your behaviour disappoints her greatly. You have been warned previously, now it’s time to bend over and accept your punishment.


Judicial type of scenes

Are you ready to be tightly restrained and feel the cane tapping your cold bottom? In a cold and methodical manner all the strokes will be applied until the end of the punishment regardless of your pleas. The severity can be adjusted to what you are prepared to take, but it always will be a notch harder. Just to push you exactly where you need to be pushed.

[Please note: not suitable for your very first CP session]


Punishment Officer

You have just been sentenced to visit the Punishment Officer whose job is to make you pay for your mistake in the most old-fashioned way – with pain. Whatever the reason for your visit, she will adjust your punishment accordingly and make you regret it. It’s this or the prison. I think I know which ne you will choose.



I always thought that spanking and CP should be a valid and licensed de-stressing therapy. If you have ever felt that peace and relaxation spreading all over your body as soon as the last strokes cuts through your bottom you know exactly what I mean. Ms Robertson offers unique relaxation (spanking) therapy for anyone in need of it. Why not give it an additional twist and roleplay the therapy?


The list is by no means complete and you are welcome to suggest your favourite type of scenarios. It can most likely be arranged.


-> Both novice and experienced (role)players welcome.

If you are not sure about trying a role play scenario that’s fine, I can still arrange a session for you and will enjoy punishing and playing with you.