>> Sessions With Me <<



The venues I use are very discreet, well equipped and private.  Wide variety of toys, implements and fetish furniture/restraints facilities available.


The LONDON venue is located near Kings Cross (WC1). The closest tube stations are Russell Square (Piccadilly Line) or Chancery Lane (Central Line).

Both dungeon and domestic/school room available.


The NORTH EAST venue is located in East Boldon, short walk for the Metro Station. On-street parking available.

Domestic/school setting available as well as diverse restraining facilities for more BDSM type of play – check the East Boldon, Newcastle venue.



My permanent base is in the Newcastle area but I visit London on regular intervals, every 4-6 weeks.

I’m available for sessions 7 days a week, from 10am till late.

After prior arrangement only. Advance notice appreciated.



I’m an experienced CP Specialist and Disciplinarian offering sessions with or without roleplay scenarios. In addition to old-fashioned discipline and corrective therapy I also offer Relaxation Therapy and Sensual/Erotic or challenging BDSM Play.



Private, professional and tailor-made CP (corporal punishment) and discipline sessions, corrective therapy, and a wide variety of roleplay scenarios.

CP play does not need to be limited to bottom punishment only. I can include a punishment involving any (safe!) body part of widely varying severity. I have a big selection of implements to cater for your needs.


Additional activities I offer:

  • back or body whipping
  • hand punishment
  • bastinado (feet punishment)
  • nipple play/torture (whipping, clamps, weights)
  • mild-moderate CBT (flogging, bondage, weights, pegs, pinwheel – NO kicking or stomping!)
  • sounds / sounding rods
  • restraints (short- or longer-term)
  • cage
  • blindfolds, gags, hoods
  • candle wax
  • face slapping
  • hair/ear pulling



I also offer Relaxation Spanking Therapy (read more about spanking therapy here), consisting of slower warm up and gradual build-up with or without harder stokes in between. Those sessions are NOT meant to push boundaries in a traditional sense and are kept well within your limits and needs. Usually relaxation therapy sessions do not involve roleplay but if interested it can be arranged.

With me, you will be able to unwind and relaxed while you nerves are stimulated just to the right level. That powerful state where pain mixes with pleasure…where pain becomes pleasure.



If you would like a slightly more erotic experience than a relaxation therapy, but not to be punished or corrected Sensual/Erotic BDSM Play might be just the right thing for you.


Together we can explore erotic domination:

  • light, sensual impact play (all SAFE body parts)
  • restraints (tie and tease)
  • orgasm control/denial
  • mild humiliation play
  • anal play (at my discretion only)
  • foot worship
  • body worship (at all times my panties will stay firmly on)
  • happy ending/hand relief


As the different types of fetish play that I offer sometimes overlap, it is possible to mix various types of play in one session. Let the fantasy come true!


Please note that I only offer sessions and services that I enjoy and comprehensively understand. It is crucial to me to be fully competent and safe at each and every type of play. I am extremely skilled and accurate with all CP implements and BDSM toys that I use.

All implements and toys are in immaculate condition and are kept clean and ready to use.


My sessions last 1h, 1.5h, 2h or more depending on your needs (no 30min or shorter sessions – sorry). Extended sessions possible (if interested, please inquire).


It is OK if you have never done it before. Everyone needs to start somewhere!

And be careful what you wish for. What you ask for is what you get.



  • Follow all instructions leading to a session
  • Take care of your hygiene
  • Be on time (get in touch if you can’t)
  • If unsure – ask, don’t assume
  • Inform me about any relevant medical conditions
  • Don’t ask me to switch/sub
  • Don’t ask for sexual services (except hand relief)
  • Take a deep breath, leave the real life outside and ENJOY!




You are a voluntary participant in all activities. Although I’m an excellent observer and read people very well if you wish the session/activity to stop you are responsible AT ALL TIMES for communicating that to me!