I’m an experienced Professional Mistress, Fantasy Facilitator, Disciplinarian, and Corporal Punishment Specialist and Therapist.

I offer CP and BDSM sessions and a wide variety of roleplay scenarios. From old-fashioned discipline and challenging BDSM to relaxation spankings and sensual/erotic fetish play.


My sessions last 1h, 1.5h, 2h or more depending on your needs (no 30min or shorter sessions – sorry).


Let your fantasy come true!



Safe, tailored and memorable corporal punishment and discipline sessions, corrective therapy, BDSM and fetish play.

Services I offer:

  • impact play on the bottom from light and sensual to harsh and challenging (wide selection of toys available)
  • back or body whipping
  • hand punishment
  • bastinado (feet punishment)
  • mild-moderate nipple play/torture (whipping, clamps, weights)
  • mild-moderate CBT (flogging, bondage, weights, pegs, pinwheel – NO kicking or stomping!)
  • sounds / sounding rods
  • restraints and bondage – cuffs and rope (short- or longer-term)
  • tie and tease
  • blindfolds, gags, hoods
  • candle wax
  • face slapping
  • hair/ear pulling
  • electric play – violet wand (Newcastle only) and TENS unit (both locations)
  • verbal humiliation or tease
  • feet / legs worship
  • body worship (at all times, I will wear at least my bra and panties and any intimate contact with my private body parts will not be allowed)
  • hand relief / happy ending (at my discretion)


Be careful what you wish for. What you ask for is what you get…



If you are not ready for a challenging CP or BDSM session or if you prefer a more relaxed experience, majority of the above services can be stepped down and offered gently for a more sensual/erotic experience.



I also offer Relaxation Spanking Therapy. This type of session uses corporal punishment to specifically help you unwind and relax while your nerves are stimulated just to the right level to achieve that powerful state where pain mixes with pleasure…where pain becomes pleasure.

These sessions are NOT meant to push boundaries in a traditional sense and are kept well within your limits and needs, but certain severity is required to achieve the desired effect. We can however take this as slowly and gently as needed.

Usually, relaxation therapy sessions do not involve roleplay.

(You can find out more about Relaxation Spanking Therapy here).



I only offer services that I enjoy and understand comprehensively. It is crucial to me to be fully competent and safe at each and every step. I am extremely skilled and accurate with all CP implements and BDSM toys that I use.

All implements and toys are in immaculate condition, cleaned/disinfected after each use, and ready to use.


It is OK if you have never done it before. Everyone needs to start somewhere!

Feel free to peruse the New Clients section for more information.



  • Follow all instructions leading to a session
  • Take care of your hygiene
  • Be on time (get in touch if you can’t)
  • If unsure – please ask, don’t assume
  • Inform me about any relevant medical conditions
  • Don’t ask me to switch/sub
  • Don’t ask for sexual services
  • Take a deep breath, leave the real life outside and ENJOY!



You are a voluntary participant in all activities. Although I’m an excellent observer and read people very well if you wish the session/activity to stop, you are responsible AT ALL TIMES for communicating that to me.