New Clients


You will have to pay a deposit to book your first session with me.

I use PayPal (alternative arrangements can be made if needed – Amazon or cash). The transaction will display on your statement as R2348.

The deposit is £50/1h, £60/90min and £80/2h.

Please do NOT pay until asked to do so. More information can be found here.



Are you new to the Corporal Punishment/Spanking or BDSM scene?

Have you always had these kinds of fantasies but somehow never had a chance to act on them? You are not alone!

It’s not unusual for people to spend years fantasising about being dominated or spanked without doing anything about ‘the itch’. If you are reading, this you have already taken the first step to live out your fantasies. Well done! I hope that soon you will go all the way and experience your very first play session.

Here you can read a testimonial left by one of my many Newcomers.

Below you can find a Q&A sections I have compiled to answer some the pressing questions you might be having.


Q: What if I don’t know if I will actually like it/how much I can take?

A: This is exactly what the first session is about – to discover if you like it when your fantasies become reality. You don’t have to know “how much you can take” – we will discover this together. There is no competition and we will always proceed at your own pace and the right severity level.

The first session is likely to differ from any other you might have in the future. We will talk about your fantasies, interests as well as different toys and implements until you’re comfortable to move on to play. This introductory session is about trying different things out in a safe and non-judgemental environment.


Q: I’m feeling uncomfortable talking about/thinking about THESE things. Is that normal?

A: I too remember how unnatural it felt at first, many years ago, to vocalise those thoughts. It’s not exactly an everyday conversation and many people feel a bit awkward or nervous at first.

I will quickly put you at ease, allowing you to enjoy your first REAL experience.


Q: What if I am not sure what would I like to try out?

A:That’s OK. Your first session will be an introductory session. We will discuss your fantasies and interests as well as various options to explore them. When you’re ready we will begin playing. If necessary, we can keep the first session on a very informal level, talking and communicating throughout. There is no need to jump right into an elaborate roleplay or fantasy. It is important that you feel comfortable first so that you can enjoy the experience.

On my website you can find all the services I offer. Have a read and see what appeals, but don’t worry if you’re still unsure. We can always decide all that on the day.


Q: Are you experienced with newcomers?

A: Yes. I meet people with little or no experience on the Corporal Punishment and BDSM scene on regular basis and have successfully introduced many to the pleasures and satisfaction of fulfilled fetish fantasies. Everyone is different and looks for different experiences. Together we can find a way to unleash your fantasies. The venues I use, both in London and Newcastle/Durham, are designed for the purpose, clean and discreet. They cater perfectly for a very wide range of fantasies.


Q: Is a Corporal Punishment going to leave marks?

A: It’s hard to answer that question because everyone’s bottom bruises differently. Light to moderate spanking will not leave any marks. Harder play, depending on your limits and how hard you want to play, might. Certain implements, like heavy tawses and canes, leave marks more readily.

If bruises and marks are an absolute no-no, please make sure to tell me before we start, and I will make sure you don’t have any.

Also, you should be aware that certain skin conditions and blood thinning medications can make you bruise more easily.


Q: Can I have a very severe Judicial Punishment session?

A: If you have never played before, I strongly advise trying something gentler until you find out how it feels and if you enjoy it.

Under all circumstances, please be aware that while I am very happy to offer harsh and demanding corporal punishment sessions, I do not offer brutal punishments leading to broken skin and blood.


Q: Can you do JUST over the knee hand spanking?

A: Yes, I can do just a hand spanking session, but you need to be aware that if you are interested in a strong sensation, hand spanking will most likely not satisfy your needs. Hand spanking is often used for a warm up before progressing to other implements.


Q: I have this dark, intense fantasy of not being in control. Can you do it? Is it safe?

A: Your safety is my main concern, followed closely by you having a satisfying experience. I have experience with all types of sessions, from light-hearted and sensual to intense and edgy.

Don’t let my relatively young age fool you. I’m very experienced and knowledgeable about all the types of sessions that I offer. While I care about your fantasies and want to make sure they come true, once we start to (role)play I will be demanding and in total control of you and your body. It comes to me naturally.


Q: What sessions do you offer?

A: I offer Corporal Punishment, Corrective Therapy and Discipline Sessions, BDSM Play, Relaxation Spanking Therapy, Sensual and Erotic Domination and a variety of roleplay scenarios. More information on the Sessions page.


Get in touch if you feel like you’re ready explore your fantasies…