Onwards and upwards – the 2024 edition!

Every year I keep promising myself to post on here with some sort of regularity. And every year I don’t…

The truth is blogs are a bit antiquated. Everything seems to be about social media these days – a form of communication that I think is very unsuitable to this sort of sessions. One’s exploration of all things fetish, BDSM and CP should be by definition private and discreet. Maybe one day I will get myself onto twitter or similar, but 2024 will not be that year.

I will however make another effort to revive this blog. I have received some wonderful implements for Christmas from some of my clients that definitely deserve being immortalised with a quick photo and a few other things and thoughts I would like to share.

So here is to the 2024:

I wish everyone a (somewhat belated) Happy New Year! I hope this year will bring you plenty of memorable experiences that make life worth living for.

And should having a spanked bottom be one of them – you know where to find me!