JP with a TWIST

While in London earlier this month, I have been introduced to an interesting idea for a judicial punishment like scenario that I refer to as ‘JP with a twist’.

The essence of judicial punishment is to leave the recipient out of control, with a fixed amount of stroked to be endured. For those who like to gamble and enjoy the idea of an unknown – here’s the challenge!


In simple terms the JP with a twist works like this:

Imagine six different implements. Let’s say a strap, a tawse, a junior cane, a senior cane, a hairbrush and a crop, each with a number from 1 to 6.

A roll of a dice determines the implement.

The number of strokes gets determined by a roll of a dice (or a card). It can be doubled or tripled.

The only fixed and pre-determined thing is how many rounds (implements and number of strokes rolls) are carried out before the end of the twisted punishment. 5? 10? 20? 50?

It might not have a chilling seriousness of a cold and well paced judicial punishment, but it does leave you completely at a mercy of luck (or should I say un-luck) as I roll the dice


Any brave takers?