Sensual (role)play

In addition to the happy ending (see previous post) I have also recently (few months ago – that is still recent, isn’t it?) revisited few other rules related to the type of session that I offer and decided to introduce more sensual play.

I always strongly believed that CP or BDSM play are like a long road of exploration. With tastes changing and evolving. With likes and dislikes changing as well of course. If you have been involved with the Scene for a while you know exactly what I am talking about.

I want to offer a person as true a chance to explore their kinky interests as possible.

Same way I changed my rules about hand relief with some of my regular clients I have also started offering and providing more erotic and sensual activities. Not everyone would like a punishment or strict correction. Not to mention the need for a variety or an alternative to more formal and severe session. Here might be something for you then.

More erotic and sensual sessions are now open not only to my regular clients but to new ones as well.

Possibilities include:

  • Light sensual impact play
  • Erotic tie and tease
  • Candle wax
  • Erotic domination
  • And more…

As usual with me, Sensual Play can be mixed with roleplay or not.

For more information on what is possible see the Sessions With Me page.

Happy Ending

The essence of my kink always was CP. And most likely will be so in the future. It is closer to my heart, and mind, that any other fetish. Though, I certainly did develop a great appreciation for other fetishes and BDSM activities over time.

From the very beginning I was, however, quite firm about keeping my sessions as far away from sexual activities as possible. I always believed that although CP and BDSM sessions are erotic in nature they are not, or at least don’t have to be, sexual in nature.

A number of times I was asked if I allow self-relief and my answer was always yes. At the same time if asked about hand relief I would invariably say no.

Recently, after a number of conversations with some of my regular clients I started reconsidering my decision. Their story of how it works for them made me realise that changing some of my rules will allow others to explore their fetishes and enjoy the play more.

After all, I always advocated that CP and BDSM are about what the participants WANT them to be about.

So, few of months ago I chose to make exceptions for some of my regular clients and allow hand relief. Now, I’m extending that offer to others as well.


Hand relief CAN be a part of session.

Strictly NOT during the following:

  • Headmistress, Aunt, Governess-type of roleplays
  • Any other roleplay involving you as a school-aged boy
  • *Official* punishments in prison or judicial punishments


Also, be aware that in slave/Mistress type of scenes hand relief will only happen if you deserve it and there is absolutely no guarantee.

London venue – refurbished and photographed!


Hi Guys,


Finally got some high (enough) quality photos of the London venue to update my website. All new photos in the Gallery.

School/domestic setting is now compromising of blackboard and school desk, barrel and a sofa chair to bend over naughty boys. And of course good supply of implements is always at hand!


In the Gallery (down towards the bottom) you will also find photos of the dungeon.

Dungeon is now compromising of a whipping/spanking bench and a selection of bdsm furniture allowing restraining in a variety of position to expose variety of body targets! Bigger empty space in the dungeon allows for other CP-related activities. Obedience training to name one – if that’s what you think you deserve!


London venue is a 3 bedroom flat entirely converted for CP and BDSM use. Private, discreet and soundproofed venue so that you can enjoy yourself without any lingering worries.

Relaxation (Spanking) Therapy


I have been aiming to expand the relaxation therapy section on my website for quite a while. However, no matter how long I thought about it I wasn’t sure how to describe the idea of the session best.

You see, the relaxation (spanking) therapy that I offer is so individualised that it’s almost impossible to describe what it consists of. It varies from person to person and from session to session too much.

Recently I decided to focus of what the AIMS of relaxation (spanking) therapy sessions are and what you can expect to get out of the session.

That greatly simplified my task. I’m currently not only rewriting the relaxation therapy page on this website, but started work on a completely new website, entirely devoted to relaxation (spanking) therapy. My aim is to have it all up and running by Christmas/New Year. The website will include a lot of interesting information about how spanking combines with relaxation.


On the new website you will be able to find:

  • general overview of spanking therapy  (what it is, how it works)
  • how it’s practiced in other parts on the world
  • what you are likely to get out of it (short- and long-term benefits)


I will also aim to include overview of spanking (used for relaxation or pleasure) throughout ages and any scientific evidence that exists that could support beneficial effect of spanking. For those wishing to deep a little bit deeper, I will include a list of books/articles/free website worth reading/visiting.

I realise that some people have no need to dig so deep into the subject and simply enjoy the sensation of being punished, but considering the interest some of you expressed in relaxation (spanking) therapy I believe the information and experience I’m currently putting together will be of great use.



Site updates


Site updating is steadily progressing.

I almost finished editing photos that I will be adding during the next few days!

I also shuffled around the text on the website a little – creating two clear pages About Me and Sessions With Me that deal with basic information. Also as usual whwen updating I added answers to the questions I’m being regulalry asked through emails.

I have added few more testimonials that I have been provided by you guys during the last few months. Thanks to everyone who took time to share his/her experience with others. It’s much appreciated

Only page I still have some work to do is the relaxation therapy page – hopefully that will be finished soon as well.



Changes and refurbishment

Hi again,

Looks like summer is the time of changes.

Changes to my site. Refurbishment of the Newcastle venue – well underway. Refurbishment of the London venue – as far as I know finished for the moment.

The London’s School room has now been changed to be a more authentic setting.

Next time I’m down there, in early August, I will take more photos to replace the out-of-date ones in gallery.

For now, a quick previous with low-quality photos:

Blackboard and a school desk as before.

A new sofa chair.

And a black bench replaced with a barrel (restraints available if/when needed!)

A black bench (with mutliple restraint points) is still available in the dungeon and of course can be used for a wide variety of sessions and roleplay scenarios.

As usual, a wide variety of (clean!) implements available in both rooms!

Changes to My Website

Hi there,                         


Adding the blog made me realised that there are few changes I want/need to make to the site itself.

There might be broken pages and links over the next couple of weeks whilst I work on them so bear with me.


What I’m planning to add or change are:


  • NEW PHOTOS!!! (already taken just waiting to be edited and added to the gallery)
  • Shorten the Main and the Session pages leaving only essential details there (a sort of must read for interested in a session with me) and move less essential details on further pages (for those to enjoy reading up before booking a session)
  • Finally finish the Relaxation page (it was a popular addition that received lot of interest and inquiries so I’m going to elaborate on this)
  • Add/replace some of the testimonials with those I have received over the last few months (thank you to those who provided them!)
  • And couple of other odd bits and pieces


Hi Guys,


A little experiment here. Following the example of some of the Pro Dommes I decided to attach a blog to my site. It might not be a common theme on the London scene but seems to be popular in other part of UK, North East included. And since I’m now permanently based in Newcastle area (and will be defnitely staying here!) it seemed like a good idea


So here it goes an attempt to make a website look more alive without constatly changing the main pages.


I’m not aiming to blog very frequently. To start with, maybe a post every week or two. Most of them will include a photo.


After some thoughts I decided that comments won’t be allowed on this blog. (The little 0>> sign below the post doesn’t work and won’t let you leave a comment! It will be removed soon)


A brief reasurance to those of you that sessioned with me in the past and are worried about privacy: NO NAMES (or other personal details) will EVER be mentioned on this blog.