JP with a TWIST

While in London earlier this month, I have been introduced to an interesting idea for a judicial punishment like scenario that I refer to as ‘JP with a twist’.

The essence of judicial punishment is to leave the recipient out of control, with a fixed amount of stroked to be endured. For those who like to gamble and enjoy the idea of an unknown – here’s the challenge!


In simple terms the JP with a twist works like this:

Imagine six different implements. Let’s say a strap, a tawse, a junior cane, a senior cane, a hairbrush and a crop, each with a number from 1 to 6.

A roll of a dice determines the implement.

The number of strokes gets determined by a roll of a dice (or a card). It can be doubled or tripled.

The only fixed and pre-determined thing is how many rounds (implements and number of strokes rolls) are carried out before the end of the twisted punishment. 5? 10? 20? 50?

It might not have a chilling seriousness of a cold and well paced judicial punishment, but it does leave you completely at a mercy of luck (or should I say un-luck) as I roll the dice


Any brave takers?


Corporal Punishment and Corrective Therapy

I have been asked over the last couple of weeks where the changes (Happy Ending and Sensual Play) that have recently appeared on the website lead to.

The simple answer is – they don’t lead to anywhere.


Corporal Punishment is still my core interest and kink. And if the last 6 years are of any indication it always will be! All the naughty boys requiring correction will still find it!


Nothing makes me more convinced that offering professional domination services has been the right choice than to see a person emerge from an intense, strict punishment with well punished bottom and a huge grin on his face. An experience I’m blessed with very frequently.

Sensual and erotic play are simply other ways of exploring kinky interests which I wish to cater for. Either for those who like variety in play from time to time or those who don’t want to indulge in corrective play.

Whatever the changes and additions I am still very open to newcomers who can safely explore their kinky interests with me – whether those are punishment scenarios, relaxation therapy or sensual/erotic play. Enthusiasm is all that is required!


So to dissipate all the rumours: I am not moving away from CP play. CP is what I primarily believe in!


Sensual (role)play

In addition to the happy ending (see previous post) I have also recently (few months ago – that is still recent, isn’t it?) revisited few other rules related to the type of session that I offer and decided to introduce more sensual play.

I always strongly believed that CP or BDSM play are like a long road of exploration. With tastes changing and evolving. With likes and dislikes changing as well of course. If you have been involved with the Scene for a while you know exactly what I am talking about.

I want to offer a person as true a chance to explore their kinky interests as possible.

Same way I changed my rules about hand relief with some of my regular clients I have also started offering and providing more erotic and sensual activities. Not everyone would like a punishment or strict correction. Not to mention the need for a variety or an alternative to more formal and severe session. Here might be something for you then.

More erotic and sensual sessions are now open not only to my regular clients but to new ones as well.

Possibilities include:

  • Light sensual impact play
  • Erotic tie and tease
  • Candle wax
  • Erotic domination
  • And more…

As usual with me, Sensual Play can be mixed with roleplay or not.

For more information on what is possible see the Sessions With Me page.

Happy Ending

The essence of my kink always was CP. And most likely will be so in the future. It is closer to my heart, and mind, that any other fetish. Though, I certainly did develop a great appreciation for other fetishes and BDSM activities over time.

From the very beginning I was, however, quite firm about keeping my sessions as far away from sexual activities as possible. I always believed that although CP and BDSM sessions are erotic in nature they are not, or at least don’t have to be, sexual in nature.

A number of times I was asked if I allow self-relief and my answer was always yes. At the same time if asked about hand relief I would invariably say no.

Recently, after a number of conversations with some of my regular clients I started reconsidering my decision. Their story of how it works for them made me realise that changing some of my rules will allow others to explore their fetishes and enjoy the play more.

After all, I always advocated that CP and BDSM are about what the participants WANT them to be about.

So, few of months ago I chose to make exceptions for some of my regular clients and allow hand relief. Now, I’m extending that offer to others as well.


Hand relief CAN be a part of session.

Strictly NOT during the following:

  • Headmistress, Aunt, Governess-type of roleplays
  • Any other roleplay involving you as a school-aged boy
  • *Official* punishments in prison or judicial punishments


Also, be aware that in slave/Mistress type of scenes hand relief will only happen if you deserve it and there is absolutely no guarantee.