“I think I could have taken more”


From time to time I hear those words at the end of a session.

I *could* have taken more. I could…


The answer is always simple. Yes, you most likely could have. We, humans, can take just about anything if given no choice.

But, would you have enjoyed it?


A good session is not about taking every single stroke that one *can* take. Taking every single stroke possible is one in a life time experience that those who tried, never want to repeat it, or worse, never want to play again.

A good session is about an enjoyable experience. Yes, it should push you a little bit, but it shouldn’t shove you right outside of your comfort zone. Yes, it should feel challenging, but not to the point you don’t want to think about it the next day. Yes, intense session is about you wanting to be broken, but only to the point it is possible to put you back together afterwards. Yes, you want your heart beating faster in anticipation, but you don’t want to freak yourself out into a panic attack.


Going right to the edge of what one can take is about the best plan I can think of to make sure you don’t want to play again. As a professional mistress, whose somewhat of a life mission is to provide people with safe ways to enjoy their fetish fantasies, this is against my belief.

It is a *good* thing to think afterwards that you could have taken more. That means you are buzzing with the experience, endorphins are flowing and the play was stimulating in just the right way.


Obviously, you don’t want a session so far away from feeling pushed or challenged (in one way or another) that it feels like a waste of time. I don’t want that either. I have no reason to hold back for the sake of holding back. My interest is to provide everyone with an unforgettable experience and safe journey of exploration of their fetish interests. I want you to explore your limits, but not to break them.


There is, however, sometimes a very good reason why I believe holding back is a good idea.

(Obviously if you don’t want any marks, that’s quite obvious I might not go as far as you might like.)

But apart of such obvious reasons there are others that might call for slightly less heavy play. Fetish play is not just a physical sensation of being in pain, there are also psychological and emotional factors to consider (and to enjoy). If you are new to play it is in your best interests to take it slow enough that you actually enjoy what happens during a session.


The more experience you have the safer (and more enjoyable) it is for you to push yourself further. I greatly enjoy intense sessions, when people explore their limits, properly, for the first time ever and when dark fantasies come true. Nothing makes me feel like I’ve done it right than hearing someone say that it was the most intense and remarkable experience ever.

I have often been told that I have taken someone further than they have ever been before but that they have still *enjoyed* every minute of it. Because, it is always about the enjoyment – whatever that ‘enjoyment’ is to a person.


I like intense play (whether that is on a psychological level of physical), but please, do not ask me break your limits as I will refuse to engage in this unsafe practice.




Christmas gifts for naughty boys

Time to start 2016 in style!!

I have just came back from London from my first trip this year. While down there, I have met some new clients as well as have seen some of my regulars, starting the year with some truly remarkable sessions. I’m now back in Newcastle and available for sessions until next trip to London in early February.



Santa has been very generous this year and among other things provided me helpfully with the following.


A heavy, vicious looking tawse (that I’m considering naming The Monster)

tawse-1  tawse-2

I can, with clear conscious, say this is the most fearsome tawse I have ever seen. Obviously its size and weight means it can’t be swung as hard as other straps and tawses that I have, but regardless…it is an implement to be respected!

As usual, willing victims needed for further testing!



A pair of inescapable metal cuffs


I have never been fan of metal restraints, but not having any metal cuffs at all as been a negligent omission on my part! I’m pleased that it has now been fixed. The cuffs have no quick release button meaning you won’t get freed until you earn your freedom. Ideal for judicial punishments, punishment officer and reformatory scenes and so much more…


Punch or the London Charivari


And finally, not something to play with but to admire – The school corner has been further decorated with a bit of old fashioned humour from 1901.



Thank you, you know who you are, for the lovely gifts. They are very much appreciated!




New toys – floggers


And finally the floggers.

A nice set of three different flogger: the small one has 1mm diameter tails while the medium and the big one 1.5mm. I can imagine the small one, being quite light, turning itself more into a CBT implement. The two bigger ones will definitely be put to some good use across the back and the bottom of the next willing victim that comes my way. They do give quite a punch! Just a little warning – as usual, be careful what you wish for!


The fourth flogger is a little bit of an experiment made of braided flat rubber strings instead. Despite its size (same length as the large blck one), it is lighter then the black ones and therefore less severe when used moderately hard. It can be used safely all over the body and how much that will make you suffer will depend entirely on your behaviour. Gentle mode available only if you behave yourself!


PS. Those floggers will NOT be available in London unless specifically requested *before* a particular trip. However, I do permanently have in London an equivalent on the small, black flogger. If I find the set popular I will make another one to take down to London.


Cane chalking and school punishments


While taking recently with one of my clients I have found myself being further educated in school punishments and associated rituals.


I guess we never stop learning!


I have been introduced to a new and fascinating concept – cane chalking.


Apparently, it has been a practice in some school for a headmaster/headmistress to chalk the end of a cane before applying it across a bottom of a miscreant.


Having looked the idea up, and I am not entirely convinced it was a real thing used a lot, a rarity, or a fantasy created by adult players. Apparently, however, such cane chalking could have been done for a variety of reasons (and no one seems to be able definitely confirm which one is correct)


Firstly, some say it was done so that person administering a caning over trousers can see where the strokes land to make sure they don’t overlap (or like others suggest to make sure they do overlap for added severity)


Secondly, some think the reason to chalk a cane was to leave the chalky marks on the garment ensuring that everyone knows the pupil has been caned.


Regardless of whether it was a real thing or not I find the idea fascinating. Especially the second explanation that ensures the visible marks stay on the trousers/skirt for everyone to see until the chalk slowly wears off. Not a type of fantasy that could be easily played out during a session but nevertheless quite a concept!


Anyone has any firm knowledge whether cane chalking was a real thing and why was it used?


(With your permission I will post interesting (and realistic sounding) accounts and information on here)


New paddle to the collection

My lovely collection of wooden paddle has grown!

I received yet another paddle.



As you can see it is distinctly different from just about any wooden paddle you have probably seen or experienced.

I think it will make a good wooden paddle forthose who wish to venture and explore wooden paddles for the first time. It should also be ideal for all those of you that enjoy the idea of a wooden paddle punishment but are not quite ready for the big board. This paddle is reasonably thin and made of quite light wood. Obviously the gaps in it make it even lighter.

I am sure that my collection of wooden paddles is now ready to take care of all the possible preferences and tastes you might have.

Anyone would like to try them all to compare and to report on differences?


PS. The paddle is available in the Newcastle venue. In London I have a variety of other wooden paddles to use, both with and without holes.


New dragon cane


Although I already have a selection of a few well trusted canes I found myself looking for something a bit thicker than my crooked handed dragon cane.

The effect of the search is this:


As you can see from the photo below it is not only slightly thicker but also couple of inches longer.


It is not significantly more severe that my old and trusted dragon cane but those who felt said it feels slightly different.

Although it has been put to some use already the new cane is still very much in need of being properly broken in! Any takers?

More straps and tawses

I have purchased a set of tawses and strap few months ago from The English Cane Company*.


Sadly I was away unable to collect the parcel for couple weeks so the strap and tawses suffered a little bit having been bent tightly for so long. They have been hanging since then trying to straighten out gently without any wrinkles to the leather.

And I know pronounce them ready for use!


I have had rather a lot of fun trying some of them out on some of you the last couple of weeks.

The good thing about The English Cane Company is that their tawses are not only made to look like Lochgelly tawses but the type of dense leather used, and its processing, actually makes them feel quite close to the originals. They have comparable weight and very comparable efficiency. Although of course, being made to order, they don’t have the old look or traditional smell.

Can’t wait to put them to more use…


*The English Cane Company – very good leather toys. Durable. Well and safely finished. Havent tried their canes, but if you need straps or tawses you really want to give them a go.

Slippers and more domestic punishments

Insipred by a certain recalcitrant bottom that requires regular chastisement I have recently looked more into slippers as effective means to deliver a suitable punishment. Especially the type of punishment that can vary from reasonably mild to more severe depending on the type of session/roleplay and your ability to take punishment.

Here is what I have got so far.


As usual, willing bottoms to try them out needed.


More new toy in mad ‘new toys sharing frenzy’! Say hi to these lovely beasts.



A lovely set of paddles to go with my Christmas gift.

Variously sized paddles to try out different designs, thicknesses and widths (and handles).


First one from the top is a nice OTK paddle, light and stingy.

Second is a very thin and light bigger paddle that cracks across both cheeks at the same time with an odly looking, but very comfortable, handle.

Third is, of course, the Christmas gift, a thicker though quite narrow slightly heavier paddle.

And the fourth one is a full sized board quite similar to an American style paddle with quite a punch to it!


A lovely gift from one of the bottoms I regularly see for a mixture of punishment and more light-hearted fun. Thank you!