New Year’s Resolutions

While in London I was thinking of what I would like to achieve in 2016. What new things I would like to make available for you? What new items or toys I would like to have? What changes I would like to do the website or my blog?


So here it goes – my New Year’s Resolutions. In 2016 I would like to achieve and facilitate the following (if it is in writing it is going to happen, right?):


  • Toys wise, I’m looking to buy a replacement violet wand (for the one that got broken long time ago). I’d like to do a little bit of research first to buy something that would allow for a variety (of safe) sensations to cater for various tastes and likes
  • I’m hoping to find more time for fetish related reading such as Victorian literature, history of corporal punishment, research on endorphins etc. I will happily share more interesting findings on my website.
  • Craft wise, I want to finish all the toys I’m currently half way through and start working on some new projects and improvements to existing toys.
  • And last, but not least, I hope to introduce more newcomers to the fetish and CP play as well as to continue the exploration with my regular clients fulfilling new fantasies and satisfying curiosities.

So…let’s get to work!



Christmas gifts for naughty boys

Time to start 2016 in style!!

I have just came back from London from my first trip this year. While down there, I have met some new clients as well as have seen some of my regulars, starting the year with some truly remarkable sessions. I’m now back in Newcastle and available for sessions until next trip to London in early February.



Santa has been very generous this year and among other things provided me helpfully with the following.


A heavy, vicious looking tawse (that I’m considering naming The Monster)

tawse-1  tawse-2

I can, with clear conscious, say this is the most fearsome tawse I have ever seen. Obviously its size and weight means it can’t be swung as hard as other straps and tawses that I have, but regardless…it is an implement to be respected!

As usual, willing victims needed for further testing!



A pair of inescapable metal cuffs


I have never been fan of metal restraints, but not having any metal cuffs at all as been a negligent omission on my part! I’m pleased that it has now been fixed. The cuffs have no quick release button meaning you won’t get freed until you earn your freedom. Ideal for judicial punishments, punishment officer and reformatory scenes and so much more…


Punch or the London Charivari


And finally, not something to play with but to admire – The school corner has been further decorated with a bit of old fashioned humour from 1901.



Thank you, you know who you are, for the lovely gifts. They are very much appreciated!




Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

To you all; boys and girls, subs and slaves, bottoms and roleplayers, fetishists and kinksters, and also to those that are yet to come out of the closet and try it for real!

Let’s make 2016 special!

(PS. Santa has been very generous this year alrady and brought me a variety of new toys to use on you – photos to follow shortly)


Bondage and restraints, anyone?


As the life time of my old set of cuffs was approaching its end I started looking for a new set. This time I wanted something of a much better quality.

After browsing quite a few websites I finally decided to get a set that I had a pleasure playing with in London.


5 cuffs (wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and a matching collar) have now been added to my expanding collection of toys.


They are very robust and well made – so good news for all those of you who enjoy a little bit of a wriggle here and there. Inside, they are well padded for a snug fit. They can be comfortably used to restrain your hands above your head and force you onto your tiptoes if you are feeling adventurous and brave!

Buckles are lockable with a padlock which I can lead to some interesting play. If you want out – you will have to earn the key first.

Something tells me there is some memorable bondage about to happen in the near future…