Cane chalking and school punishments


While taking recently with one of my clients I have found myself being further educated in school punishments and associated rituals.


I guess we never stop learning!


I have been introduced to a new and fascinating concept – cane chalking.


Apparently, it has been a practice in some school for a headmaster/headmistress to chalk the end of a cane before applying it across a bottom of a miscreant.


Having looked the idea up, and I am not entirely convinced it was a real thing used a lot, a rarity, or a fantasy created by adult players. Apparently, however, such cane chalking could have been done for a variety of reasons (and no one seems to be able definitely confirm which one is correct)


Firstly, some say it was done so that person administering a caning over trousers can see where the strokes land to make sure they don’t overlap (or like others suggest to make sure they do overlap for added severity)


Secondly, some think the reason to chalk a cane was to leave the chalky marks on the garment ensuring that everyone knows the pupil has been caned.


Regardless of whether it was a real thing or not I find the idea fascinating. Especially the second explanation that ensures the visible marks stay on the trousers/skirt for everyone to see until the chalk slowly wears off. Not a type of fantasy that could be easily played out during a session but nevertheless quite a concept!


Anyone has any firm knowledge whether cane chalking was a real thing and why was it used?


(With your permission I will post interesting (and realistic sounding) accounts and information on here)


More straps and tawses

I have purchased a set of tawses and strap few months ago from The English Cane Company*.


Sadly I was away unable to collect the parcel for couple weeks so the strap and tawses suffered a little bit having been bent tightly for so long. They have been hanging since then trying to straighten out gently without any wrinkles to the leather.

And I know pronounce them ready for use!


I have had rather a lot of fun trying some of them out on some of you the last couple of weeks.

The good thing about The English Cane Company is that their tawses are not only made to look like Lochgelly tawses but the type of dense leather used, and its processing, actually makes them feel quite close to the originals. They have comparable weight and very comparable efficiency. Although of course, being made to order, they don’t have the old look or traditional smell.

Can’t wait to put them to more use…


*The English Cane Company – very good leather toys. Durable. Well and safely finished. Havent tried their canes, but if you need straps or tawses you really want to give them a go.

School gown

I have also recently acquired a school gown for a more authentic sessions.


I look forward to all the school and governess sessions to put the gown, as well as my canes, to a very good use.

Look like detention time…

school-gown-1 school-gown-2


The gown will be kept in Newcastle but I have access to a very similar one in London that I have been using recently as well.