Bondage and restraints, anyone?


As the life time of my old set of cuffs was approaching its end I started looking for a new set. This time I wanted something of a much better quality.

After browsing quite a few websites I finally decided to get a set that I had a pleasure playing with in London.


5 cuffs (wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and a matching collar) have now been added to my expanding collection of toys.


They are very robust and well made – so good news for all those of you who enjoy a little bit of a wriggle here and there. Inside, they are well padded for a snug fit. They can be comfortably used to restrain your hands above your head and force you onto your tiptoes if you are feeling adventurous and brave!

Buckles are lockable with a padlock which I can lead to some interesting play. If you want out – you will have to earn the key first.

Something tells me there is some memorable bondage about to happen in the near future…



Ready to be restraint?

I have recently added a pair of hooks coming from the ceiling.

For a while I enjoyed (and hope that you did too) the X-shaped restraining possibilities against the wall. Recently I felt the need to restrain you in a position that I can have access to you from all sides.

Fixing a hook through the ceiling sounded like the best option.


A pair of them allows me to choose whether I want your hands together or separated depending on what is required.


Please note the hooks are *NOT* for suspension (although could easily hold your weight and more). They do however are very solid, safe and work perfectly!

Second hook had been added (to secure you hand separately). Photos in the Gallery


Next stage – spreader bar for even more vulnerable restraining.