Fetish consultations and teaching


While I was enjoying my time in Liverpool I have received a couple of interesting emails.


One was from a women inquiring whether I could teach her partner how to play with her. She suggested they both come for a session to discuss what they want and their ideas. She wanted me to instruct her husband in safety, use of implements and help him understand how things work. He was apparently very willing to try but with virtually no experience, and she found it had to explain things while ‘being the sub’.


The second email was from a man wanting to discuss ‘things’ without any play. He said that he is not sure if he will ever want to play but there are things on his mind he would like to discuss with someone. Taking to a friend was not an option as he needed someone with good understanding of fetish practices.


I have seen the couple last week. The session turned out to be a great success, and they have already booked another session for later in May. The man is coming to see me soon.


This experience made me wonder if there are more people who might benefit from either just talking about their fantasies, ideas and worries or from being taught how to play with their partners/friends. (Obviously if the session was planned to be just consultation and no play I would modify my rates accordingly.)


I’m still thinking about how that might work so if anyone finds themselves potentially being interested in either feel free to drop me an email to express initial interest. I do not want to radically move away from real time sessions that are my passion, but I look forward to being able to make kink and fetish play accessible to people through different means whenever possible.




Please note: I do not have a degree in psychology, nor am I a qualified therapist. I have only basic qualification in counselling (route started but not pursued). What I have is excellent ability to listen, experience and understanding of the subject which I am always willing to share.