Play Fantasy – Reformatory Birching

I have recently had an interesting session that included a medium size birch I made.

A strict reformatory setting…A school boy found himself sent from his previous school where they couldn’t cope with him any more. Bad behaviour, bullying, smoking, you name it. Good old-fashioned school discipline wasn’t enough to keep him in line so stricter measures were required.

The birch perfectly served its purpose.

I’m pretty sure we have another couple of months, at least, for the birches to be safely useable and green.

Are you brave enough?


For more practical information:

I would judge the severity of the birch in the photo above as medium to perhaps hard. It is however a completely different sensation, unachievable with any other implement. It’s the intensity, not the severity that truly counts with a birch. You will find the intense sensation building up and up and up…

PS. The birch has to be made fresh and can be used *only* once so need to be agreed on beforehand.