An unexpected Christmas gift! Sometimes it’s definitely better later than never!




Sounds are something I have been thinking about for a while but with many other things going on I have truly considered it.


Couple of days ago I have received this lovely gift. The rods have been thoroughly experimented with since then (both on the person who gave me and then on another willing victim). Size range goes from tiny 3mm to impressive 18mm. They are lightweight, smooth and with safely rounded tips.



They are amazing, and provide so many entertaining responses I’m now surprised how I was able to offer CBT without them!


All rods are cleaned and sterilised before and after each use. Always.


PS. The sounding rods are in my Newcastle venue but can easily be taken down to London – please request in advance.



Torture chair

Same lovely person who made the bench for me about a year ago (no he does not get away with any sort of mischief or inappropriate behaviour because of it) kindly made a very handy addition for it.


More and more players I see is interested in various forms of CBT and nipple play/torture in addition to (or sometimes instead of) corporal punishment. Until recently the best positions for it when either vertical (standing) or horizontal (on the massage table/floor).

I like the spaciousness of my new premises in North East so did not want to get yet another piece of equipment to clutter it but happily planned adjusting the bench to suit my needs and your fantasies.

Together with wrist cuffs and rope for hands, and ankle cuffs and a spreader bar for feet it can be use as a very effective, so called, torture chair/throne. A collar and a longer piece of rope can be used to stop you from bending forward. More straps/rope can be added when needed.



Those of you who can’t help a little bit of struggling will be pleased to hear that the back piece is made sturdy. It is also easily removable so bench can be used for its primary purpose any time.


The throne was successfully tried and used on couple of occasions over the last couple of weeks and it is ready for more!


AVAILABLE IN NEWCASTLE VENUE (London venue has similar facilities – see photos here)