London dates 2018 update

Dates in London for the next few months are as follow.

Normal availability throughout the day from 10am till late unless otherwise stated.


16th – 21st July (will stay for 22nd if I receive bookings)

13th – 17th August (will stay for 19th if I receive bookings, NOT available 18th)

8th – 14th September

8th – 20th October


8th-11th from 6:30pm

12th from 2:30pm

14th whole day

15th-18th from 6:30pm

19th from 2:30pm

20th whole day

5-6 days in November – TBC

5-6 days in December – TBC


As usual I can take bookings for regular clients for any of these days.

New clients can book NO MORE than 2 weeks in advance or secure their booking with a non-refundable deposit at any time in advance.

I look forward to hearing from you!