New Premises in North East


Session in North East available again when I’m back from London from 23rd July.

Regular clients ONLY for the time being.


LOCATION: County Durham, about 6miles from Chester-le-Street /A1 J63

There is a big dungeon and domestic setting available with a wide range of equipment and furniture for all types of play. (No school room available – but we can get creative using a domestic setting!). Please let me know in advance what type of session you are interested in so I can book the right room!

Ample parking available. Direct bus from central Newcastle (not the fastest way to travel, but doable)

I will try to add some photos of the venue soon.


AVAILABILITY: Monday – Friday. NO evenings on Wednesday or Friday. NO Weekends

By appointment only. Advance booking ESSENTIAL!

Please note that this is a shared venue and I will not be sessioning as much as I did in my own place.

Therefore, I will ONLY be accepting bookings from my regular clients for the time being. When I open bookings for new clients they will be subject to a non-refundable deposit.


MY RATES: I will have to increase my rates by £20 to help cover the cost of the venue hire in addition to the usual rates I charge for sessions in North East. I have not increased my rates since I have begun sessioning nearly 7 years despite considering it for a while now, but I can no longer can avoid it.



This is a temporary solution. I am still looking to get my own premises. A number of places I have viewed were not suitable. The original place I have found requires some major works done before it can be rented again. I hope that it will become available later in the year and I will be able to move in.



I look forward to seeing all of you who have been waiting to get their fix! Corporal punishment, corrective therapy, BDSM, relaxation therapy – all as normal!







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London dates 2018 update

Dates in London for the next few months are as follow.

Normal availability throughout the day from 10am till late unless otherwise stated.


16th – 21st July (will stay for 22nd if I receive bookings)

13th – 17th August (will stay for 19th if I receive bookings, NOT available 18th)

8th – 14th September

8th – 20th October


8th-11th from 6:30pm

12th from 2:30pm

14th whole day

15th-18th from 6:30pm

19th from 2:30pm

20th whole day

5-6 days in November – TBC

5-6 days in December – TBC


As usual I can take bookings for regular clients for any of these days.

New clients can book NO MORE than 2 weeks in advance or secure their booking with a non-refundable deposit at any time in advance.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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BACK IN ACTION in North East



Due to ongoing problems with the premises I was due to move into in May I have decided to offer session from a different place on temporary basis.

I have viewed the place today (and it looks amazing!) and am every excited to be back offering session in North East very soon. Those are existing premises I will be hiring per session.

I will update my website with more information, availability and rough location later this week.

Sessions will be possible upon my return from London later this month (23rd July ONWARDS).

I look forward to being back in action and everyone who needs their corporal punishment or BDSM fix will soon be able to get it!!


PLEASE NO BOOKINGS OR ENQUIRES until I have finalised the arrangements and updated my website with basic details



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North east session and premises


Unfortunately I’m still waiting to hear from the owener of the new place with a definite answer as to when the place will be fixed and available.


I have began looking for a new place just in case. I have seen one just before going to London (it was ok, but not great) and will be seeing another 2 tomorrow.

I have not entirely given up on the one I had my eye on for a while, but it does not look it will be fixed in a timely fashion so I am looking at alternatives while waiting.


I am also considering finding a temoporary place to offer sessions from in the meantime.


I will be posting all the updates on here.



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London dates


Dates in London for the summer are as follow:


18th – 23rd June

16th – 21st (or 22nd if I receive bookings) July

13th – 17th August (might stay for 19th if I receive bookings, NOT available 18th)


As usual I can take bookings for regular clients for any of these days.

New clients can book ~2 weeks (or less) in advance or secure their booking with a non-refundable deposit at any time in advance.


I look forward to hearing from you!




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North East – bad news and delays


Unfortunately there will be delays in me being able to resume offering sessions in North East.

The owner of the new place had a few little job he wanted to do in the place to freshen it up after previous occupants moved out. During those works they discovered some damage to the roof/wall in one of the corners.

The extend of the damage is unknown at this stage so the owner can’t get a quote and move on with the repairs. I have been told that depending on the extend of the damage it is possible that they may not be able to fix the place up straight away. I will possibly be looking for a new place.

I’ve been ressured they will have more definite answer for me within the next couple of weeks. I will update then.


Please don’t send me email asking when you can book a session. Obviously, right now I will not be taking any bookings. If I have any other information I will be posting it here.

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AWAY until 19th

I will be away until 19th April.

My phone will be switched off so no text messages will be answered.

I will be checking my email, but please be patient if you don’t hear back from me instantly.

If you would like to book a session in London during my next trip I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

All other enquired will be dealt with when I return.

Have a good time everyone!!

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North East Update

I have been receiving a lot of emails asking about  new place so here are the answers I have available.



I can’t give a precise date on when I will be settled down in the new place – other than the extimate I gave previously of it being in May. Previous occupants have now vacated the premises. The owner will be doing some minor works in the place over the next month and I will be able to lease it in May. It will be probably about couple of weeks after I get the keys before I will be able to start offering sessions again.

I will be able to give a more precise estimate once I have the keys.



The new premises are in North East, also on the Southside. Free parking available. I will be posting more details once I have the keys.



The place has two rooms. Total space available is a bit bigger than the old place. I will try to get some pictures as soon as possible


I will be posting in here as soon as there are any more information to share.


I look forward to seeing you for your session soon!

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North East Sessions



Dear North Easterners and those who travel for a session to North East,


I have been looking recently for a bigger place to offer sessions from. It looks like I will be moving much sooner than expected.

Bad news, after my return mid-March I will no longer be able to offer sessions in North East in the old place as I have to fold down and tidy the old place up before my holidays in April.

Good new, I should be getting the keys for the new place in May and will hopefully be up and running shortly after that.


I apologise to all of you that has hoped for a session in the next couple of month after my return to North East. I was hoping for a smoother transition later in the year, from the old to the new place, but given that I’m now away and will be going away again in April this is the best I can do.


I will keep you updated of any changes.

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London in March and April


Hello Londoners and travellers!


I have sorted out a few plans over the next couple of months and here are the confirmed dates for London trips for March and April.



26th – 30th March

23rd – 28th April


As usual, I can take bookings from regular clients for either of the two trips anytime.


If you are a new client you will be able to make a booking about 2 weeks in advance or alternatively if you would like to secure a booking now it can be done by paying a non-refundable deposit. Please email for details.



I look forward to sessioning with you!





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