Violet wand

Following a lot of thinking I have decided to buy a violet wand again. Hopefuly this one will last longer than its predecessor!




Currenlty I’m having the wiring double checked and it will be available for play very soon.

This particular violet wand provides a very wide range of sensations from a gentle tickle to quite powerful depending on the setting and attachment used.




I will try to write up a longer post shortly about using violet wands in play and their safety for those of you that are interested/curious but never tried it before.


Please note that I will NOT be bringing it to London as want to avoid any risk of damaging it in transport. But I will most likely buy another violet wand for play in London in the future.










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I have recently added couple of whips to my collection. Riding crop and dressage whip.

Thank you for the lovely gift, you know who you are – they will certainly be put to a good use!







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London trips confirmed

The following dates for London trips are confirmed:


27th February – 3rd March

3rd – 7th April

8th – 12th May

12th -16th June


I am happy to take bookings for any of these trips for regular clients. If I have never seen you before I can take a preliminary booking to be confirmed couple of weeks in advance.

There is still no Saturdays included in those dates but I will be in London on a Satuday at least during some of those trips – to be confirmed couple of weeks before a trip.

As usual, if you would like to play with any particular implement or toy that you have seen on my wesbite please let me know in advance so I can bring it with me to London.

I look forward to seeing you,






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What’s new?

I hope you are all enjoying the New Eear and the new opportunities it hopefully brings!


I am now back and availble for sessions as normal.

My next trip to London is 23rd-27th January. (I have some limited availability remaining if you are interested in booking a session with me.)

I’m available as normal for sessions in Newcastle area outside of those days.


As usual, there is no same day appointments for new clients (especially in Newcastle). Please contact me in advance to book a session.


I look forward to hearing from you,




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London trips first half of 2017

Here are the most likely dates for London trip for the first half of the year.

I will confirm these dates for definite end of January after I come back from London.

At the moment these dates do not include any weekends and end on a Friday – I will try to stay in London whenever possible for the following Saturday (to be confirmed closer to the time)


23rd -27th January (confirmed and taking bookings now)

27th February – 3rd March

3rd – 7th April

8th – 12th May

12th -16th June




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Happy New Year!!

Hope you all had a lovely festive break.

I wish you all Happy New Year 2017!!




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Festive season availability

With Christmas approaching I thought I will put up an update on which days I will be available.

If you would like to treat yourself to a session (CP, BDSM, sensual, relaxation therapy) before the end of the year:


Normal availability up until and including 22nd

NOT available: 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st and 1st

Limited availability (prior booking essential): 23rd, 27th and 28th

Normal availability: 29th and 30th


I look forward to hearing from you

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Where have I been?

Busy punishing and playing with all of you – is the simplest answer!

With other things going on (most of it very good, just a lot of it) I had very little time to blog. Hopefully I will have more time soon!




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Sessions in London

The dates I have posted back in July regarding my trips to London for the rest of the year have been confirmed.


I will be down in London during the following days:

3rd October – 8th October

31st October – 5th November

28th November – 3rd December


For any regular client I am more than happy to take bookings for any of these trips/days. New clients are welcome to make preliminary bookings (that you will then have to confirm 1-2 weeks before the session)


If you have never sessioned with me please have a read through this website and particularly Sessions With Me Page before booking.


I look forward to turning your fantasy into reality!






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Away for a few days

I”m currently away until 12th September.

I will most likely not have any Intenet access while away so all email will be answered upon my return.


Have a lovely few days everyone!



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