COVID-19 and online fun

Please note that no sessions will be offered during lockdown.

Please do not ask as there will be no exceptions.

My April trip to London will most likely be cancelled. I will confirm that closer to the day, but I do not see how that would possible or sensible.


IN THE MEANTIME – custom videos:

I am considering creating custom vidoes including tease, promises of what we will be doing during sessions when this is over, vivid descriptions of punishments etc. etc. while real-time sessions are not possible.


These would be 5, 10 or 15min long clips filmed especially for you according to your interests and fantasies. Payment would most likely be via PayPal.


I am in no way looking to replace real-time sessions with online equivalents, but while actual sessions are not currently a possiblity I’m looking for ways to inject a little bit of light-hearted fun and fantasy into your life. It is a good way to manage stress and uncertainty with some entertainment.

I am still pondering practicalities, prices etc. but in the meatime I wanted to ask who might be interested.

If you might be interested please drop me an email with your thoughts and possible ideas/fantasies