Fake personna

It has been brought to my attention from three separate sources that someone is using my photos (and my reputation) to create their own personna in the bdsm/cp community to interact with submissive men.


The person in questions (either male or female) is calling him/herself Miss or Mistress Kami Robinson (and MistressKamiRobertson on one site).

Uses misskamirobinson@hotmail.com email address.

To the best of my knowledge does not possess a website.

Interacts with people via different websites such as: facebook (Kami Robinson – profile reported), www.femdomsociety.com (Kami38 – profile reported and removed), alt.com (MissKami – profile deactivated) and www.clubsissy.com (MISTRESSKAMIROBERTSON – profile reported) using my photos with the Miss Kami Robertson mark on them

States location as: Auckland, New Zealand / Gurnee, Ilinois / Fort Wort, Texas (possibly others as well) which most likely are all made up.

Those who read his/her profiles said that ‘it didn’t quite feel right’


It has been reported to me that the person in question engages in online domination and requests ‘her slaves’ to send photos of their faces.


To clarify few things:

My surname is ROBERTSON not Robinson

I *ONLY* use misskamirobertson@gmail.com account to send emails

I would never ask anyone to send me a photo of themselves or any other sort of identifying information

I don’t engage in online domination – real-time session only in Newcastle upon Tyne and London, UK.


If you find a profile on any bdsm or cp focused website or directory that uses my photos with the name Robinson you are welcome to report it straight away or drop me a line with a link and any other relevant information.


You are of course welcome to chat to anyone you want, but if you are taking to that person it is not me.