More of the fake personna

Seems like there is far more profiles set up out here in my name (or close to it) using my photos.

This time it’s on


Under the name of MistressKamiRobertson stating Fort Worth, Texas as location.

It is the first time I actually got a chance to see and read the profile before one of you helpfully reported it and I am positively convinced that anyone who read even one page on my website will know that those profiles are not mine.

It was however set up more than 6months ago suggesting that the person has been at it for quite a while.


I would like to stress out one more time. I NEVER ask ANYONE to send any type of incriminating or identifying information or photos. I am a PROFESSIONAL fetish fantasy fascilitator.


The profile has been reported and hopefully will shortly be deleted.


You can read the orignal post about the fake persona here.