End of 2014 testimonial by a first timer

Despite being well established both in North East and London I regularly see new clients who afters years spend fantasising decided to make their step with me. It is one of the most rewording experience to introduce and eager and enthusiastic soul to the CP and BDSM world. But I also know it can be an absolutely nerve racking experience for you.

So, here is a very open testimonial written by someone I have seen just before Christmas:


I met Miss Kami for the first time yesterday, and i am still in awe of her, and elated after a truly fantastic experience. I won’t go into what Miss Kami did to me, as i will let you find out, and experience her domination of you for yourself.

I am in my early 40s, and have toyed with the idea of meeting a Mistress for a session for a few years now, something has been inside me beckoning me, and i have come close to booking a session a couple of times, but ended up bottling it. In the end, i thought, i am not getting any younger, we don’t know how long we have on this Earth, and i really want to explore this side of my sexuality. I decided to buy a birthday present for myself, and thus contacted Miss Kami.

I was very anxious ahead of the session, but my fears faded quite quickly, firstly, Miss Kami operates from a discreet location in a nice area, and when i met Miss Kami, what can i say but wow. She is a very attractive lady, has a great figure and pretty face, Miss Kami is also very friendly and easy to talk to (when out of session), and this made me relax quiet quickly, we started in a kind of therapist type of discussion talking about what kind of things i would like to do, i was looking back fairy vague, even described myself as a ‘blank canvas’ there is no one thing i have fantasised about, for me this has been an itch that needed scratching, so i left myself open to Miss Kami’s control, though Miss did say if something wasn’t working for me, just to say, as she didn’t want me to spend time going off at a tangent if something wasn’t working for me (though it all did, though some bits i found more exciting and now want to explore further).

Afterwards, we had a chat, and again, it was really nice to meet such an intelligent, charming and attractive lady. When i left Miss Kami’s premises i was truly elated, i felt released, and so glad i had made the decision to try this, and try it with Miss Kami, if anyone out there is like i was, (toying with the idea of this), then stop wasting your time and do it, i can’t recommend her enough, i was buzzing afterwards.

I will be back as soon as i get a chance, but in the meantime, thank you for such an unforgettable experience.

Dave (Dec 2014)