Play Fantasy – Interrogation


A bit delayed but here it comes!

This month’s best session fantasy is more a group of fantasies rather than a specific one.

May seemed to be a little bit of a ‘hmmm…interrogation sounds intriguing’ kind of month.


I had a number of people inquiring about possible interrogations sessions. Some of you seem to believe in certain myths surrounding the whole subject that seems to be taking potential enjoyment away from you. So here goes few simple demystifying facts.


  • Interrogation sessions do NOT have to be severe. Like everything in the CP and BDSM world it can be tailor-made to suit your level of play.
  • It can be either pure CP or BDSM or mix of both.
  • It can have a very deep roleplay with complex story and background or be as simple in nature as any other roleplay.
  • It can be a official, semi-official or a very unofficial setting


But what is even more important is that I heard a number of people being put of the idea because they believe the session will end when they ‘give up the information’.

I don’t know how other mistresses run their sessions and it is none of my business. I, personally, see no reason why a session should instantly end once the person being interrogated ‘gives up the information’. There are infinite ways of proceeding once that happened. Infinite.

I hope to shortly post few interrogation session ideas for some inspiration as well as some more practical information if you are interested that will hopefully be useful…