Relaxation Therapy


What is relaxation (spanking) therapy?

Relaxation (spanking) therapy is one of the types of sessions that I offer that aims to use endorphins (chemicals naturally produced by your brain) to relax and make you feel good. Some compare it a massage or yoga. Well judged and spaced impact play can lead to a very pronounced release of endorphins known as the endorphins rush.

As the name relaxation (spanking) therapy suggests it involves spanking (with hand or any other implement) as a means to an end – relaxation. The play usually occurs well within someone’s limits, and the object of it is primarily to relax not to hurt (although certain level of pain is required).The key of such play is to balance the pain and pleasure aspects on the side of pleasure. Relaxation (spanking) therapy is not a sexual experience.


Successful relaxation (spanking) therapy relies on combination of the following factors:

  • Steady and individualised impact play
  • Deep and slow breathing
  • Not keeping your muscles tense between strokes
  • Safe surrounding
  • Relatively comfortable position
  • Trust
  • Willingness to relax
  • Your ability to convey your interests/previous experience


You do not have to be submissive to be interested. Relaxation (spanking) therapy is not about domination or humiliation but about physical experience. Most of the people indulging and enjoy relaxation (spanking) therapy are not submissives at all. Majority of them are strong minded people who spend their life in full control of themselves and have various responsibilities that modern life and/or their jobs threw upon them. Relaxation (spanking) therapy is a way to escape your stressful life for an hour or two (with relaxing benefits usually lasting for weeks according to some).


How does it work?

People who naturally tolerate pain better will have to take more to reach the endorphins rush than those with lower pain tolerance. The amount of spanking therapy and severity therefore will depend on what you can take and will vary from person to person.

Generally, relaxation (spanking) therapy involves slower than any other type of session impact play. The basic principles are based on the fact that the right type of impact play in a safe environment leads to release of endorphins; released endorphins then increase your pain tolerance allowing you take even more, leading to more endorphins and so on. Depending on the person it takes anything between 20-50minutes until the endorphins peak. Usually they will stay at a high level for couple of hours if the play continues, but their amount will not go past certain level. At certain point (often around 100-120minutes from the beginning of the play) your body will run out of the re-produced endorphins it can release. Most people will not enjoy relaxation (spanking) therapy lasting more that couple of hours (although I have played with people who were trained through regular play and could go for longer). From experience, 90minute long sessions are ideal for relaxation (spanking) therapy, but 1h or 2h also work fine.


What if you can’t take enough?

I get asked sometimes whether what someone just took is enough for an endorphins rush.

Playing on any type of level, from gentle to hard will have some relaxing properties, meaning it will release *some* endorphins. However, from my experience over the last few years, it is important to reach certain of severity to release enough endorphins for the actual endorphins rush. In my understanding two things are important; subjective severity i.e. how severe it feels for you and the actual impact of an implement across your bottom. If all you can take is a little bit of gentle patting then unfortunately the answer is no – you have not taken enough for an endorphins rush. I have however seen people enjoy very intense endorphins rushes from a relatively mild play so hard play is not a must.

Usually, after the first warm up people relax and find themselves being able to take more. The first approach with gradual build up is designed to make this process as easy and as ‘painless’ as possible. The second approach, especially if inclusive of the harsher start cuts the corner allowing for the endorphins release to occur faster. It does mean however ‘putting up’ with more pain to start with (which of course is what some of you want!). It is usually more effective and faster but for obvious reason it is not for everyone.


What to expect?

If you decide to try a relaxation (spanking) therapy session with me it will consists of three parts:


First of all, we will start with a chat to discuss your previous experience, limits and expectations. You are encouraged to say what it is on your mind even if it feels embarrassing. It is important you don’t let the nerves control you so that we can communicate sufficiently.


Next, we will start the relaxation (spanking) therapy in one of the two possible ways – gradual build up or mixed strokes (with or without harsher beginning).

Gradual build up as the name suggest involves your bottom being gradually warmed up with my hand and/or various implements. It is largely irrelevant how much you can take as the session can be 100% adapted to your needs, so don’t worry about signing up for too much – I don’t session like that. I have a selection of implements to cater for various tastes and needs. Once your bottom is sufficiently warmed up I will slowly progress with harder strokes increasing the severity steadily until reaching the desired level.

Mixed strokes approach involves mixture of gentler and harder strokes. It can involve a harsher start for the immediate and initial endorphin rush. The rest of the session will consist of a mix of strokes entirely depending on your ability to cope with it. Varying the severity will lead to endorphins being released in waves until reaching the peak.


Finally, once the play part of the session is over it is important you take it easy. Every relaxation (spanking) therapy session with me ends with a suitable aftercare. You have time to slowly and gently come down from the experience, have a cup of tea and talk about the experience if you wish.


Differences between relaxation (spanking) therapy and a traditional CP session

Traditionally CP session is a punishment. It is often harsher, faster and stricter while relaxation (spanking) therapy relies more on a steady approach in a non-punishing atmosphere.

Relaxation (spanking) therapy often does not include roleplay scenario as talking can unnecessary disturb you from relaxing. Soft music in the background helps. You are encouraged to try and relax your muscles (you will enjoy the endorphins rush more if you are not tensing purposefully) between the strokes as much as possible, to breathe deeply and slowly and to clear you mind of mundane problems.

From a beginners point of view relaxation (spanking) therapy is also a less scary way to introduce yourself to fetish play. Less nerve-wracking too.



Depending on your experience and limits relaxation (spanking) therapy session can include some other forms of CP and BDSM play.

Please note that trying relaxation (spanking) therapy for 5-10 minutes among other multiple fetishes is a waste of time. It takes time to get the endorphins flowing. Other aspects of CP and BDSM play can be added are those that can be used along relaxation (spanking) therapy and not instead such as: restraints, whipping of other body parts, blindfolds, gags, pinwheel etc.


Is relaxation (spanking) therapy for everyone?

There is no scientific proof of how impact play (hand spanking, paddling, strapping, flogging, caning etc.) makes us feel relaxed. But those of use who experienced it don’t need scientific proof – we just know it does. Will it work for everyone? Absolutely not. Relaxation (spanking) therapy (or any other type of fetish play for that matter) is not for everyone.

It takes that special relationship with pain. Pain does lead to release of endorphins – this is how our body protects itself. For some people it will lead to a far greater release of endorphins than for others, eventually leading to an endorphins rush.

How can you know if you will benefit from spanking by feeling relaxed? Ultimately, you won’t know it until you try it. You don’t need to have high pain tolerance to try it, although it is of course necessary that you are ok with idea of experiencing *some* pain.

I think, if you are reading this, you already are curious about relaxation (spanking) therapy. I don’t bite – promise. So why not give it a go and see what will happen?



NOTE: All the information provided here about endorphins is NOT of scientific accuracy. It is a simplified version of what I *think* happens based on my own experience (both on the receiving and giving end) combined with a lot of scientific reading and a science education. There is strong indication that other chemicals produced inside our bodies work along endorphins.


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