North East Update

I have been receiving a lot of emails asking about  new place so here are the answers I have available.



I can’t give a precise date on when I will be settled down in the new place – other than the extimate I gave previously of it being in May. Previous occupants have now vacated the premises. The owner will be doing some minor works in the place over the next month and I will be able to lease it in May. It will be probably about couple of weeks after I get the keys before I will be able to start offering sessions again.

I will be able to give a more precise estimate once I have the keys.



The new premises are in North East, also on the Southside. Free parking available. I will be posting more details once I have the keys.



The place has two rooms. Total space available is a bit bigger than the old place. I will try to get some pictures as soon as possible


I will be posting in here as soon as there are any more information to share.


I look forward to seeing you for your session soon!

Christmas sessions


My availability in Newcastle area during the festive period is will be:


  • Not available 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st and 1st
  • Available all other days as normal


Please allow extra notice between Christmas and New Year as arranging last minutes appointments might be impossible.


I look forward to seeing you for festive punishment and more!





PS. Next year’s dates for London trips will be posted shortly. Please excuse the delay as I sort out the details.



Violet wand

Following a lot of thinking I have decided to buy a violet wand again. Hopefuly this one will last longer than its predecessor!




Currenlty I’m having the wiring double checked and it will be available for play very soon.

This particular violet wand provides a very wide range of sensations from a gentle tickle to quite powerful depending on the setting and attachment used.




I will try to write up a longer post shortly about using violet wands in play and their safety for those of you that are interested/curious but never tried it before.


Please note that I will NOT be bringing it to London as want to avoid any risk of damaging it in transport. But I will most likely buy another violet wand for play in London in the future.