A new testimonial

A recent, one of the most straightforward and down to the point, testimonial from a satisfied client. Thank you very much!

Below you can read what one of my clients thought about a domestic CP session we had last month.


Miss Kami is perfect. She takes the time to properly understand your needs and further she will explore your fantasies to the full. Nothing is hurried. She is very firm but fair. She spanked my bottom (bare) to just the right level. I enjoyed every moment. She has wonderful premises and i would recommend a session with her. She is very skilled at scolding, and takes firm control of the scenario. She is full of suggestions and will happily chat over a cuppa about your needs and wants and then let the role play take shape. Every time work takes me to Newcastle I will be back. A 10/10 rating.

Chris (September 2015)



A story of one’s person exploration…

I’ve been fascinated with CP all of my life (since the age of six at least) and although in the past I had letters published in Janus and Fessée, published stories on usenet and actively blogged about my favourite subject, actual hands-on experience has always been limited to what I could do to myself.  My primary orientation is towards a dom role i.e. M/F, but I have also always wanted to understand what it would feel like so there has also been a small percentage of being fascinated with being on the other side of it.  Also, there has been a memory I have had in my head from an incident at school when I was about fourteen years-old and when I briefly thought I was in serious danger of being caned by my headmaster.  For over forty years I haven’t been able to get that memory out of my head, wondering what it would have been like and how I would have coped.  Visiting Miss Kami has finally exorcised that particular demon – not that I felt any particular guilt about what I did or that I didn’t get punished then, but more that I needed a sort of closure on the incident.  I presented Miss Kami with a tremendous challenge.  I wanted a high degree of authenticity which meant that after she had given me a stern telling off I would be bent over and caned over the seat of my trousers – I felt it was acceptable within the realm of authenticity to exceed the six strokes which would have been the normal maximum in my school but not by a ridiculous number and most of all I stressed that I didn’t want to be left after the process thinking that it hadn’t really been a big deal after all.  Miss Kami listened very carefully and applied her intelligence and experience in creating an amazing experience that absolutely fulfilled everything I could hope for.  It was a huge ask – I knew that if it was disappointing, I could never have that ‘first’ experience ever again – but disappointing it certainly wasn’t.  I was left with a very sore bottom and marks that lasted over two weeks.  For the first time in my life I had the experience of wincing when I sat on a hard seat for a few days afterwards. It was exactly what I had hoped it might be and although I was prepared to be a bit disappointed about some aspect, I certainly wasn’t.  Kami managed to combine being caring, considerate, and attentive with an absolutely ruthless, much deserved and long overdue thrashing.  Would I go back again?  Already have and planning the next time…


You can find more testimonils of satisfied fetish and CP players that sessioned with me on my Testimonials Page that I have recently updated. Thank you to everyone who spared some time to provide one.

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