Changes to My Website

Hi there,                         


Adding the blog made me realised that there are few changes I want/need to make to the site itself.

There might be broken pages and links over the next couple of weeks whilst I work on them so bear with me.


What I’m planning to add or change are:


  • NEW PHOTOS!!! (already taken just waiting to be edited and added to the gallery)
  • Shorten the Main and the Session pages leaving only essential details there (a sort of must read for interested in a session with me) and move less essential details on further pages (for those to enjoy reading up before booking a session)
  • Finally finish the Relaxation page (it was a popular addition that received lot of interest and inquiries so I’m going to elaborate on this)
  • Add/replace some of the testimonials with those I have received over the last few months (thank you to those who provided them!)
  • And couple of other odd bits and pieces