Play Fantasy – Reformatory Birching

I have recently had an interesting session that included a medium size birch I made.

A strict reformatory setting…A school boy found himself sent from his previous school where they couldn’t cope with him any more. Bad behaviour, bullying, smoking, you name it. Good old-fashioned school discipline wasn’t enough to keep him in line so stricter measures were required.

The birch perfectly served its purpose.

I’m pretty sure we have another couple of months, at least, for the birches to be safely useable and green.

Are you brave enough?


For more practical information:

I would judge the severity of the birch in the photo above as medium to perhaps hard. It is however a completely different sensation, unachievable with any other implement. It’s the intensity, not the severity that truly counts with a birch. You will find the intense sensation building up and up and up…

PS. The birch has to be made fresh and can be used *only* once so need to be agreed on beforehand.


Roleplays and Session Ideas AKA Play Fantasy

My recent JP with a Twist post proved to be very popular.

I have received a lot emails expressing interests. Some of you enthusiastically suggested modification and improvement to the game to suit you interests. Some of you turned it into a more strict and severe option while others made it into more of a BDSM game adding body parts.

And I bet, some of you  took a dice and rolled it get the idea of your chances.

I look forward to trying out all those varieties of the JP with a twist game over the next few week.

Thinking how that post sparkled interests and creativity I have decided to make it a semi-regular feature called Play Fantasy. On here, I will be choosing the best creative and exciting roleplay or session idea that I heard and/or had fun turning into reality.

100% anonymoulsy (and without ANY presonal details whatsoever) of course so no need to worry!

JP with a TWIST

While in London earlier this month, I have been introduced to an interesting idea for a judicial punishment like scenario that I refer to as ‘JP with a twist’.

The essence of judicial punishment is to leave the recipient out of control, with a fixed amount of stroked to be endured. For those who like to gamble and enjoy the idea of an unknown – here’s the challenge!


In simple terms the JP with a twist works like this:

Imagine six different implements. Let’s say a strap, a tawse, a junior cane, a senior cane, a hairbrush and a crop, each with a number from 1 to 6.

A roll of a dice determines the implement.

The number of strokes gets determined by a roll of a dice (or a card). It can be doubled or tripled.

The only fixed and pre-determined thing is how many rounds (implements and number of strokes rolls) are carried out before the end of the twisted punishment. 5? 10? 20? 50?

It might not have a chilling seriousness of a cold and well paced judicial punishment, but it does leave you completely at a mercy of luck (or should I say un-luck) as I roll the dice


Any brave takers?


Newcastle venue – photos

Few photos of the my new premises in North East added (click to enlarge).


My bench has been safely moved and set up. The kneeling stool can be disattached and the bench turned into a sort of vaulting horse for school punishments.



Nearly all of my impact toys hanging nicely and ready to be used.



I also have new a set of floggers waitng to be used. Anyone wishing to be the firs to play test them? A wide range of sensation from a gentle to quite a sting!



Also few newly adapted straps for those liking heavier play.




My new place


My new place in North East came out very nice!

I have my bench there (all nicely and tightly bolted together so very secure).

I have nearly 40 spanking implements (paddles, straps, canes, floggers, bruishes, slippers and more) and a variety of other type of toys.

I have hooks tightly fitted in for restraining when necessary (for CBT, nipple play and back whipping).


Next week I’m going to have a double school desk added (thank you for providing it – you know who you are!)


The place has been used for the first time last Tuesday and performed perfectly! It has been soundproofed on top of a recently build house standard cavity wall so is EXTREMELY discreet and safe noise-wise.

I look forward to more sessions and hope to see you guys shortly for a well deserved discipline and fetish play.

I will be taking some photos (of the place and a vast array of toys!) tomorrow so will post over the weekend.


Hope you are staying warm, and if the bottom needs warming up you know where to report!


Changes and refurbishment

Hi again,

Looks like summer is the time of changes.

Changes to my site. Refurbishment of the Newcastle venue – well underway. Refurbishment of the London venue – as far as I know finished for the moment.

The London’s School room has now been changed to be a more authentic setting.

Next time I’m down there, in early August, I will take more photos to replace the out-of-date ones in gallery.

For now, a quick previous with low-quality photos:

Blackboard and a school desk as before.

A new sofa chair.

And a black bench replaced with a barrel (restraints available if/when needed!)

A black bench (with mutliple restraint points) is still available in the dungeon and of course can be used for a wide variety of sessions and roleplay scenarios.

As usual, a wide variety of (clean!) implements available in both rooms!