Miss Kami in Liverpool / Merseyside

As planned I will be in Liverpool frequently between 15th February till 8th April.


I have found a venue in Merseyside and will be offering sessions.


Please note my availability will be *very* limited due to other commitments.


I will be available for sessions Monday-Wednesday only, after 4pm.

To book a session with me you will have to book at least a few days in advance.

Because the Merseyside venue operates a DEPOSIT SCHEME you will be expected to pay a deposit to book a session. I will most likely be using amazon email gift cards for your security and simplicity.


I will be viewing the place next week and confirming details so will be able to start taking any bookings and respond to your enquiries after that.



New Year’s Resolutions

While in London I was thinking of what I would like to achieve in 2016. What new things I would like to make available for you? What new items or toys I would like to have? What changes I would like to do the website or my blog?


So here it goes – my New Year’s Resolutions. In 2016 I would like to achieve and facilitate the following (if it is in writing it is going to happen, right?):


  • Toys wise, I’m looking to buy a replacement violet wand (for the one that got broken long time ago). I’d like to do a little bit of research first to buy something that would allow for a variety (of safe) sensations to cater for various tastes and likes
  • I’m hoping to find more time for fetish related reading such as Victorian literature, history of corporal punishment, research on endorphins etc. I will happily share more interesting findings on my website.
  • Craft wise, I want to finish all the toys I’m currently half way through and start working on some new projects and improvements to existing toys.
  • And last, but not least, I hope to introduce more newcomers to the fetish and CP play as well as to continue the exploration with my regular clients fulfilling new fantasies and satisfying curiosities.

So…let’s get to work!



My availability for sessions

There will be some changes to my availability from mid February till mid April.

I will be in Liverpool from 15th February for 8 weeks (Monday-Thursday).

Below I put down how is that going to affect my availability for sessions.



I will be available as NORMAL.

10am till late, 7 days a week in Newcastle area (after prior appointment only)

London trip 7-13th January


FEBRUARY until 15th:

There will be a short trip to London (most likely 5th till 9th or 10th February)

All other dates I will be available as normal in Newcastle area


FEBRUARY 15th till APRIL 8th:

NO London trip (unless I can manage a short Friday-Sunday one at some point in March)

I will be available in Newcastle area FRIDAY till SUNDAY as normal every week.


I am considering offering sessions in Liverpool when I’m there. If so, that will be Monday to Wednesday, after 4:30-5pm only. I will be looking into it over the next couple of weeks and will post more information here when available.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

To you all; boys and girls, subs and slaves, bottoms and roleplayers, fetishists and kinksters, and also to those that are yet to come out of the closet and try it for real!

Let’s make 2016 special!

(PS. Santa has been very generous this year alrady and brought me a variety of new toys to use on you – photos to follow shortly)


Fixing up the schoolroom!

Although I only have one room in my North East venue it is big enough to arrange a themed corner.

I have separated one corner area for a schoolroom to give it a better look.

I have just bought a blackboard and will be adding few more authentic items like maps, books etc. to allow for more authentic school sessions.

I will post photos once it’s all sorted out!

In the meantime of course the space is still useable for sessions and punishment of all the naughty boys that so far escaped the punishment!

Back to blogging

Life has been extremely busy over the last couple of months but I hope I will have more time to take care of my website and blog over the few weeks.

I’m planning to:

  • go back to blog more regularly – if i can keep up to date I was hoping to including some news about local (North East / North) events and similar
  • sort the testimonial page – will be adding new testimonials!! If you asked in the past wishing to provide one now is you chance as i will be doing the update shortly after I’m back from London. Just email me with it during the next week or so!
  • finally changing and expanding on the relaxation page that has been postponed since Christmas!

Christmas time! Christmas treat!

Usually Christmas is a quiet time for me as other expenses and obligations keep you guys occupied. However there are exceptions! Last year I was asked if I’m offering session near or during Christmas and unfortunately I was not.


This year, as I’m not going away I will be available as follows:

24th – available until 4pm

25th – NOT available

26th – 27th – available


Please note if interested in a session on the 26th – there is absolutely no guarantee that you will hear back from me on the 25th! I will try, but it being a festive day I will not be glued to my phone whole day to check emails. As usual please give sensible notice.



Relaxation (Spanking) Therapy


I have been aiming to expand the relaxation therapy section on my website for quite a while. However, no matter how long I thought about it I wasn’t sure how to describe the idea of the session best.

You see, the relaxation (spanking) therapy that I offer is so individualised that it’s almost impossible to describe what it consists of. It varies from person to person and from session to session too much.

Recently I decided to focus of what the AIMS of relaxation (spanking) therapy sessions are and what you can expect to get out of the session.

That greatly simplified my task. I’m currently not only rewriting the relaxation therapy page on this website, but started work on a completely new website, entirely devoted to relaxation (spanking) therapy. My aim is to have it all up and running by Christmas/New Year. The website will include a lot of interesting information about how spanking combines with relaxation.


On the new website you will be able to find:

  • general overview of spanking therapy  (what it is, how it works)
  • how it’s practiced in other parts on the world
  • what you are likely to get out of it (short- and long-term benefits)


I will also aim to include overview of spanking (used for relaxation or pleasure) throughout ages and any scientific evidence that exists that could support beneficial effect of spanking. For those wishing to deep a little bit deeper, I will include a list of books/articles/free website worth reading/visiting.

I realise that some people have no need to dig so deep into the subject and simply enjoy the sensation of being punished, but considering the interest some of you expressed in relaxation (spanking) therapy I believe the information and experience I’m currently putting together will be of great use.